Ticket Prices For Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 (Confirmed)

Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 tickets went on sale via official FIFA website at the end of 2021 for both the residents and non-residents. We explore how much it would cost to watch a world cup match in Qatar if you buy tickets from official FIFA ticket portal ballot and if you were to buy tickets via third party sites.

Tickets Prices via Official FIFA Ballot:

Like every World Cup, FIFA allow fans to apply for tickets via their official site and the ballot system is used. Ticket prices via ballot has the lowest price range compared to when buying via third parties.

There are three kind of tickets you can apply via FIFA’s ballot system.

1). Individual Match Tickets

In the Sale phase 1, both residents of Qatar and non-residents can apply for individual match tickets. The prices are fixed and tickets will be allocated via random draw. You will need to put your credit card details when applying for tickets and if you are selected in random draw money will be deducted from your account and tickets will be allocated in your profile in FIFA ticket website.

Individual match ticket prices range from $69 usd to $205 usd. Below table shows the converted price from Qatari Riyal to USD.

Opening Match$69$165
Group Matches$69 $165 $220
Round of 16$96$205$275
Quarterfinal Matches$205$288$425
Semifinal Matches$357$660$955
Third Place Playoff$205$302$425
Final Match$605$1002$1606

2). Team Specific Tickets

Team specific tickets come in three categories. 1). Three ticket series, 2). four match ticket series 3). Seven match ticket series.

Three match ticket series will allow the ticket holder access to three group games. four match ticket series will allow ticket holder to three group games and the round of 16 tie. While the 7 ticket series will enable ticket holder to watch every match of the team till the final. Remember its non-refundable. You buy a 7 ticket series, but your team get knocked out in group stage you wont exchange or refund rest of the matches.

Three Ticket-Series$226$544$725
Three Ticket-Series $332$770$1027
Four Ticket-Series $1616$2915$4314

3). Stadium Based Ticket:

You can buy stadium specific tickets which are priced at around $275 for category 1, $330 for category 2 and $508 for category 3.

Since not all teams have been confirmed in the Sale Phase 1, people can select one of the three tickets categories when applying for tickets.

World Cup 2022 ticket sales by FIFA will have three sale phases.

Sale Phase 1: Runs from 19 January 2022 to 30th March 2022.

Sale Phase 2: Starts from 1st April 2022 and will end when the ticket allocation has been meet. (first come first serve basis)

Last Minute Sale: This will be another first come first serve system which will start 2 months before the tournament starts.

You can read more about the ticket prices on official FIFA website