Rugby World Cup 2023 TV Channels (Confirmed)

The greatest event in the stream of Rugby, the Rugby World Cup is starting from September 8, 2023. The dates and venues decided. France is the host of the tournament while matches will be played in 9 stadiums across the France. Saint-Denis is the host of the Opener and decider of the world cup. RWC 2023 TV channels and coverage rights deals confirmed to telecast the event live around the globe.

Rugby has millions of fans throughout the planet. People from all corners follow their stars and love to see them in action. As the mega event comes once in a four year, there is a great hype of the tournament across social media and over the web. France is the host where each person is a fan of this prestigious sport. So, the chances of tickets are few than normal for the foreigners. The only option left to stream the event is TV broadcast.

RWC 2023 TV Channels & Live Broadcast

The broadcast deals for streaming the Rugby World Cup live online finalized. Just you need to purchase the subscription of the channel, telecasting the event live in described areas. The official broadcaster of mega event is TF1 Group.


TF1 Group

Subscription Cost | Free To Air

TF1 is the French media holding company and is famous for its broadcasting network. World Rugby has signed a deal to give the official broadcasting rights to TF1 media group. There is no subscription cost and people from France can stream the event live.


Ziggo Sport

Subscription Cost | Free To Air

Owned by VodafoneZiggo, Ziggo Sport is the official streamer of the Rugby World Cup in Netherland as there is a solid fan base of Rugby Union in the country. Again, the broadcaster is free to air. So, you can watch all the matches live without paying any cost. Moreover, the app named Ziggo Sport Totaal is also available to watch the matches on mobile when on go.

South Africa


Subscription Cost | $5/Month

SuperSport, South African media group channel holds the tv coverage rights for streaming the matches live across the Africa. Just you need to purchase the subscription that cost around $5 for a month. You can access the stream through the TV channel or via app.

United Kingdom

ITV Sports

Subscription Cost | £3.99/Month

One of the biggest media network across the globe, ITV has produced a platform ITV Sports or ITV4 to telecast the sports across England and associated areas such as Wales, Scotland and Ireland. The subscription cost of the channel is £3.99 for a month.

United States

NBC Sports

Subscription Cost | $9.99/Month

A solid fan base of Rugby is present in United States. That’s why, deals are also signed to broadcast the Rugby World Cup live online in US. For that purpose, World Rugby has signed a deal with the biggest US media network, NBC Sports. The membership costs $9.99 per month.

How To Watch The RWC 2023 With VPN?

Virtual Private Network has a use in streaming the event when you are trying to watch the matches from remote areas. There are some areas in the world where no TV channel is holding the media coverage rights. Fans from those places can hide their IP address by using VPN. Thus, they can easily get access to the RWC 2023 live streaming. Many VPNs are available but Express VPN has dominated them all.

Express VPN

Create an account.
Connect to the Server.
Enjoy the live stream.

Express VPN is the best way of getting access to the live stream. There are 160 servers available in it. You can easily connect with anyone of them to watch the world cup matches live online.

That’s all about the RWC 2023 TV channels and live broadcast details. The deals with the channels finalized. Still, more deals are expected to be done as there is an immense fan following of Rugby around the earth. If there is any further detail, we will make them available here. Till then, stay tuned!

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  1. BBC you have a responsibility here to cover the RU World Cup !!!
    Best tournament for collective commitment in the world.
    England have more chance of winning the Rugby WC than that of Football.
    (For those of you who sit on the governing panel, are English and wish to manage expectations)
    The majority of people are fed up with the BBC being overly supportive to affluent sport such as Formula One, Horse Racing, and for good measure the MINORITY group LGBT++++ community.
    When it comes to Rugby Union, the BBC have the best panel of experts and commentators, coverage of the game, (that’s both the male and female game and should stay that way !!!) therefore should play to their strengths and go out of their way to provide what should be part of the institution, more so than the dull FA Cup competition.

  2. We will be visiting Canada during the final stages of the Rugby World Cup. Please clarify Which television company will be showing matches live.




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