Rugby World Cup 2023 Qualified Teams

The hype of the mega event is increasing as the countdown is on its way to reach the tournament. Rugby World Cup 2023 is starting from September 8 and the decider is on October 28. 20 teams will compete in the tournament for winning the trophy. A total of 12 teams have qualified directly for RWC 2023. While the remaining 8 teams have to go through some phases and competitions for becoming a part of this grand event.

RWC 2023 Qualified Teams

RWC 2023 Qualified Teams Procedures

Direct Qualification | From the total of 20 teams that will compete in the world cup, 12 teams have received direct qualification pass. The teams who finished at the top 3 spots in each pool at Rugby World Cup 2019 have gained direct qualification while France get the spot as it is the host of 2023 tournament. South Africa being the defending champion have also secured the spot in the competition easily.

Here are the teams who have secured their spots directly into the Rugby World Cup directly.

Teams MethodRWC 2019 Result
South AfricaTop 3 in 2019 RWC poolChampion
JapanTop 3 in 2019 RWC poolQuarter Finalist
EnglandTop 3 in 2019 RWC poolRunners Up
FranceHostQuarter Finalist
IrelandTop 3 in 2019 RWC poolQuarter Finalist
ItalyTop 3 in 2019 RWC poolPool Stage
ScotlandTop 3 in 2019 RWC poolPool Stage
WalesTop 3 in 2019 RWC poolSemi Finalists
AustraliaTop 3 in 2019 RWC poolQuarter Finalist
FijiTop 3 in 2019 RWC poolPool Stage
New ZealandTop 3 in 2019 RWC pool3rd Place
ArgentinaTop 3 in 2019 RWC poolPool Stage

To fulfill the remaining 8 spots, teams from different continents are set to make their way into the mega event.

2 teams from America, 2 from Europe, 1 team from each Africa, Asia/Pacific, and Oceania is set to qualify for the tournament. While 1 team will come through the final qualification tournament. Among them, 4 teams already have secured their positions on the basis of their strength performance in the previous seasons.

TeamsMethodRWC 2019 Result
GeorgiaEurope 1Pool Stage
SpainEurope 2Did Not Qualify
SamoaOceania 1Pool Stage
UruguayAmericas 1Pool Stage

Final 4 Qualified Teams

A repechage tournament will occur in November 2022 that will decide the final 4 spots and the the pool of 20 teams will be completed for the Rugby World Cup 2023. One team from Asia/Pacific, one from Africa, 2nd team from America and the last team will qualify through winning the final qualifier match.

That’s all about the Qualified teams and qualifying procedure of Rugby World Cup 2023 season. All the further details will be available here after the teams lineup will complete for the world cup. Schedule for the RWC 2023 announced.

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