All Golden Boot Award Winners In FIFA World Cups Since 1930

Harry Kane, James Rodriguez, Thomas Muller, Klose and Ronaldo are the golden boot award winners in 20th Century.

Golden Boot Award:

The player who scores the most number of goals in World Cup, is presented with “Golden Boot” award. It has been give to top goal scorer in each World Cup since 1930. So far no player has won the award more then ones. We take a look at each Golden Boot award winner.

Selection Criteria:

Since its based on factual statistics, its a straight forward decision most of the time. The player with most goals in World Cup wins the golden boot. However if two or more players are tied at the same number of goals, the player who has more assist get the award. If players are tied on goals and assist as well, player who has played less minutes get to win the award.

Recent Winners of Golden Boot Award:

England Leading Goal Scorers In Fifa World Cup

Harry Kane

Goals: 6
Matches: 7
FIFA World Cup: 2018
Team: England

In FIFA World Cup 2018, England come close to lift the trophy they reached the semi’s of the competition, Harry Kane back to back goal scoring form bring them to the top of the competition.

James Rodriguez

Goals: 6
Matches: 5
FIFA World Cup: 2014

Rodriguez won the award thanks to his 6 goals, tied with Wesley Snieder of Holland. Rodriguez was awarded the trophy for more assists in the world.

Thomas Muller

Thomas Muller

Goals: 6
Matches: 5
FIFA World Cup: 2010

Thomas Muller become the golden boot winner in 2010 world cup, his team reached the semi finals, he scored 6 goals in 5 matches.

Miroslav Klose

Miroslav Klose

Goals: 7
Matches: 5
FIFA World Cup: 2006

Klose managed to score 7 goals in 5 matches of the FIFA World Cup 2006, become the golden boot winner and ahead of Brazil (Ronaldo) leading goal scorers of FIFA world Cup all time.



Goals: 8
Matches: 7
FIFA World Cup: 2002

Ronaldo managed to score 8 goals against all opponents he facing during the FIFA world cup 2002.

Croatia Top Goal Scorers In Fifa World Cup

Davor Suker

Goals: 6
Matches: 7
FIFA World Cup: 1998

Suker well known for being the leading goal scorer of Croatia in World Cup matches. He scored 6 goals in 7 matches of FIFA World Cup 1998.

All Past Winners of World Cup Golden Boot Award:

Below is the list of players who have won this award since the very first World Cup in 1930. No player has won the award more then once. Just Fontaine holds the record of most number of goals in a single World Cup, he scored 13 goals in 6 matches during 1958 World Cup.

No PlayerGoalsMatchesWorld cup
1Harry Kane 672018
2James Rodriguez652014
3Thomas Muller 562010
4Miroslav Klose 572006
5Ronaldo 872002
6Davor Suker 671998
7Oleg Salenko 671994
8Salvatore Schillaci 671990
9Gary Lineker 651986
10Paolo Rossi 661982
11Mario Kempes 671978
12Grzegorz Lato 761974
13Gerd Muller 1061970
16Just Fontaine 1361958
17Sandor Kocsis1151954
20Oldrich Nejedly551934
21Guillermo Stabile 841930

FAQs Regarding Golden Boot Winners In Fifa World Cup Since 1930

When FIFA Golden Boot Trophy Introduce in World Cup?

In 1974 first time introduce

Who Won First Golden Boot trophy In 1974?

Grzegorz Lato, from Poland

Who Scored Most Goals in World Cup to win Golden Boot?

Just Fontaine, with 13 goals but that time trophy known as best player in tournament

Note | FIFA world cup golden boot winners details will be updated for the year 2022, once the event completed. Complete details of the Gold Boot winners provided here.

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