Most Assists In FIFA World Cup | Pele Is On The Top With 10 Assists In Total

Football has become one of the top sport of this world as there are billion of people following it around the globe. Different leagues have increased the beauty and thrill of the sport. However, world cup has its own charm as it occurs once in 4 years. The gap is bit long but it makes the tournament most spectacular of all. Players do their best to make their teams win the trophy. Here we have a list of the most assists in FIFA world cup which help the teams collect brilliant wins over the teams.

World Cup Most Assists

Most Assists In FIFA World Cup

In the game of 90 minutes, it is very hard for a footballer to take the ball alone to the post and secure a point for the team. Thus assists are very important for posting the ball in the goal. The players show their best to lead their country to the trophy. Only few players posses the records of assisting other players for scoring goal. Below are the top 5 players with most number of assists in FIFA world cup

1 – Pele

  • Nationality | Brazil
  • Assists | 10
  • Status | Not Active

The Brazilian footballer is one of the greatest footballer of all times who played magnificently for his team. He appeared in 4 world cups in his career from 1958 to 1970. Pele managed 3 assists in his maiden world cup appearance and helped his team perform better in the mega event. However, he performed his best in 1970 where he scored quick fire 7 goals and managed 3 assists. That record performance helped his team lead their way to the FIFA world cup trophy.

2 – Lionel Messi

  • Nationality | Argentina
  • Assists | 6
  • Status | Active

Messi is one of the best player of all times who is currently active and represent his team in the international. Messi played in world cup 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018 where he made a wonderful gameplay for Argentina. He managed 6 assists in total in the mega events in his 4 world cup appearance. Now, he will play in 2022 world cup as Argentina has qualified for the mega event and is looking to break the record of Pele.

3 – James Rodriquez

  • Nationality | Colombia
  • Assists | 5
  • Status | Active

Playing for Colombia national football team, James have made his first appearance in the world cups in 2014. The 30 years old footballer is best known for his magnificent performance as mid fielder. Rodriquez has the ability to pass the ball to the forwards efficiently. Thus, he managed assisting 5 goals in total in the mega event. But he will not be able to improve his record in the world cups as Colombia failed to qualify for world cup 2022.

4 – Juan Cuadrado

  • Nationality | Colombia
  • Assists | 5
  • Status | Active

Juan Cuadrado, professional footballer from Colombia is also in the list as he played wonderfully in the tournament. He is currently holding a contract deal with Juventus and is playing for Colombia national football team. Cuadrado made his first world cup appearance in the 2014 world cup and also represented his team in 2018. He managed assist in 5 goals and is just behind James Rodriquez.

5 – Thomas Muller

  • Nationality | Germany
  • Assists | 4
  • Status | Active

Thomas Muller is currently playing for Bayern Munich in Bundesliga and is also representing German national football team. He appeared in world cup for the 1st time in 2010. He showed his professional skills in the ground and score some useful goals for his team and also assist in 4 goals. Thus, Germany became able to win the world cup 2014. Now he is looking to break the records as Germany has also qualified for the 2022 world cup.

These are the details about the most assists in the FIFA world cup. World cup 2022 qualified teams, draw and match fixtures announced. Further changes will be available in the list. Stay tuned for more information.

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