Top 10 National Football Teams With Most International Trophies Won

We breakdown 10 of the most successful teams when it comes to international trophies. With out much of a surprise, Brazil leads the way with 19 international titles to their name. While see why Mexico and Egypt out rank other football giants in our ranking.

When it comes to international football Brazil is the most iconic national team since the 1950s. They have produced some of the greatest footballers and Samba boys always lived up to expectations. From the days of Pele who guided Brazil to 3 world cup wins to 2000’s era with Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Kaka, Brazil somehow always manage to win international trophies. Today we breakdown some of the top teams with most international trophies.

#1. Brazil (18 trophies)

Teams With Most Trophies

5 world cups, 9 Copa America titles and 4 confederations cups but Brazil’s total number of trophies to 18. That is more then any other international team. Argentina has similar number of trophies but they have only won 2 world cups so we got to give more weight to Brazil’s 5 world cups.

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#2. Argentina (18 Trophies)

Teams With Most Trophies

2 World Cups in 1978 and 1986 were the pinnacle of Argentina football. However they went on to win 15 Copa American titles which is a regional tournament in South American. They have also won 1 confederations cup.

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#3. Uruguay (17 trophies)

Teams With Most Trophies

Uruguay became the very first World Champions back in 1930 winning the inaugural FIFA world Cup. they won it again in 1950 and combine that with their 15 Copa America titles it put them on 17 international trophies.

#4. Mexico (12 Trophies)

Mexico has won as many as 11 Gold Cups which is a regional north/central American international tournament. They are the most successful team from this region. Never came close to winning the world cup but they managed to win one confederations cup. Beating Brazil in final of 1999 confed cup.

#6. Germany (8 Trophies)

Teams With Most Trophies

Germany is the most consistent team in the world. Winning four fifa world cups in 1954,1974,1990 and 2014. They also won 3 European championships making them the most successful team from Europe.

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#6. Italy (8 Trophies)

Italy has won 6 international trophies which include 4 FIFA World Cups and 2 UEFA European championships. They have also won confederations Cup on more then one occasion.

#7. Egypt (7 Trophies)

Egypt stands at number 7 by winning the 7 national trophies till now. The Egypt national team is a 7 times Africa Cup of Nations champion. While they did not manage to win the Fifa World Cup trophy till now.

#8. France (6 Trophies)

France have won 2 FIFA World Cups in 1998 and 2018. They also managed to win two UEFA European championships combined with 2 confederations cups. Putting them only behind Germany and Italy in terms of international trophies from Europe.

#9. Cameroon (5 trophies)

Cameroon – 5 Trophies | Cameroon is another nation that stands higher in the success of football. While they are not capable to win the FIFA world cup still now, they dominate the Africa Cup of Nations 5 times in national football history

#10. United States (5 Trophies)

USA has yet to win FIFA World Cup and it does not look like they will be in contention anytime soon. However they are a power hourse when it comes to their regional tournaments alongside Mexico. USMNT as they are know, have won 5 Gold Cups.

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