Brazil Leading Goal Scorers In FIFA World Cups

Brazil Leading Goal Scorers

Brazil’s All-Time Top Goalscorers In FIFA World Cup:

Brazil is the most successful team in World Cup history having won the tournament on 5 different occassions. They have also scored to most number of goals in world cups so its fitting number of their players make the top goalscorers list overall. Below are some of the players who scored the most number of goals for Brazil in World Cups.


#1. Ronaldo

Matches: 19
Fifa World Cup: 1994, 1998, 2002, 2006

Ronaldo has played four world cups and scored 15 goals over 19 matches winning the tournament twice in 1994 and 2002. He also played the World cup final in 1998.


#2. Pele

Goals: 12
: 14
FIFA World Cup
: 1958, 1962, 1966, 1970

Pele is the only played to have won the FIFA World Cup on more then 2 occasions. In total he played in four world cups and won three. His 12 goals in 14 matches during those world cups put him second in all time list behind Ronaldo.


#3. Vavá

Matches: 10
Goals: 9
FIFA World Cup: 1958, 1962

Vava helps Brazil in 1958 to lift the trophy of Fifa World Cup, he scored 9 goals in 10 match appearances with limited appearances in 1962 world cup.


#4. Jairzinho

Goals: 9
Matches: 16
FIFA World Cup: 1966, 1970, 1974

Jairzinho, helps Brazil alongside attacking player Pele to win the 1970 world cup hosted by Mexico. He is the top member of Mário Zagallo head-coach of Brazil squad line-up during the tournaments of 1966, 1970 and 1974.

2Pelé1214 Retired
3Vavá910 Retired
4Jairzinho916 Retired
5Leônidas85 Retired
6Ademir86 Retired
7Rivaldo814 Retired
8Careca79 Retired
9Neymar Jr610Active
10Rivellino615 Retired

The upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022, dates announced which will take place in Qatar. It’s the first world cup that moved to Winter season due to covid-19. The list about Brazil leading goal scorers in world cup won’t remain same, Neymar who is currently active need just 4-5 goals to close the gap with Legend (Pele and Vava).

Who is the all time top goal scorer for Brazil

Pele (77) holds the record for most goals for Brazil

Who is Brazil’s all time top goal scorer in FIFA World Cups ?

Ronaldo with 15 goals in 19 matches over 4 world cups lead the goal scoring charts for Brazil in World Cup history.

Which currently active player has scored most goals for Brazil in World Cups ?

Neymar has 6 goals in 10 matches who is still in his prime years.

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