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Privacy policy on this website contain the usual cookies consent and preferences in line with european law. On your visit to you agree to the follow privacy policies.

Cookies Consent:

When you first visit the site we might set access cookies in your browser for short period of time inline with European law and these cookies are used to present you the relevant experience on the site. Most browsers give you option to switch off cookies. If set to off, every time you visit the site you will have to accept cookies consent.

Third Party Cookies:

We use third party ad services to monetize the website. Ads served on are from google ads and they might store cookies in your browser which help them serve ads to you according to your browsing habits. You can read more about google ad and cookie polices here

Traffic Analytics & Monitoring:

at we use analytic tools such as google analytics to collect information such as your IP, the pages you visit on the site, time spent on the site, what kind of device or browser you used to access the site. These are usually considered non-personal information and absolutely every site uses these practices under the European law.

However you can block such information to be transferred to websites you visit by installing analytic blocker tool