FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony Performers (Confirmed)

FIFA World Cup 2022 will start with absolute lavish Opening Ceremony on Friday, 20th November 2022. Qatar World Cup organizers have finalized the lineup which will perform at the 30 minutes opening ceremony which will take place before the first game between Qatar vs Ecuador. Over 300 local qatar performers including children will showcase local cultural performance alongside the marquee performances of Lil Baby (Musician) and Nora Fatehi (Dancer).

Who is performing at the 2022 World Cup Opening Ceremony ?

So far two marquee names have been confirmed who will be performing at the 2022 FIFA World Cup opening ceremony.

#1. Lil Baby (Musician)

Lil baby confirmed via twitter that he will perform at FIFA World Cup opening ceremony
Lil Baby announced via twitter that he will be performing at the 2022 FIFA World Cup opening ceremony.

who produced the official anthem of FIFA World Cup called “The world is yours to take”. He will perform the same anthem song for the live audience in the opening ceremony.

#2. Nora Fatehi (Dancer)

Nora Fatehi who was part of the World Cup official sound track called “Light the sky” will also be performing at the 2022 World Cup opening ceremony. She has incredible following in India with her famous performances in Indian songs. She will be part of the group with other singers including Balqees, Rahma Riad, Manal and RedOne.

#3. Local Qatari Performers

There will be number of short performances by local Qatari talents which will showcase the local culture of Qatar to the world audience.

You can also read in detail how you can Watch World Cup Opening Ceremony Online and what time it will start. Number of TV Channels will be broadcasting the ceremony around the world.

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