FIFA World Cup 2022: Official Release Dates For Team Kits Announced

FIFA World Cup 2022 is just around the corner and we are in the world cup year. This is the time of the year when football fans start searching about world cup team kits and when they will be announced and how much does it cost to buy the official shirt of their favourite team. We breakdown all 32 World Cup Kits, which brand is producing them and when they will officially be announced.

Official Team kits Launch Date:

Unlike the previous world cups, 2022 edition is taking place at the odd months of November/december which means brands like Adidas, Nike and Puma etc will be revealing official kits later then usual.


Release Date: Home & Away Kits to be released on 1 September 2022

Although official they have not released any information about when they will release team kits which are under Adidas banner. However thanks to Algeria’s national team who some how managed to leak the release date of their official kit we know that Adidas will reveal all world cup kits on September 1, 2022.

Unlike other brands Adidas, always release both home and away kits on the same day. So we can expect both kits to be launched on the same day on 1st September 2022.


Release Date: Home & Away Kits to be launched in August/September (Fall) 2022

There are no leaks from the NIKE camp so far and on the previous world cups they usually reveal official team kits around 3 months before the world cup begins. We can expect the same this year but since 2022 world cup is taking place in winter you can expect Nike kits to be released in August/September 2022.


Release Date: Home kit - 22 May 2022 , Away Kit - 29 August 2022

Puma has already announce their kit release dates. First batch is the home kit while the second batch have Away and third kit launch. Home kit coming out somewhere on May, 22 2022 while the away kit and third kits will be revealed August, 29 2022.

Which Brand is Producing Kits For 32 FIFA World Cup Teams

NIKE, Adidas and Puma will dominate the world cup 2022 kit market as usual. There are some little known brands as well and we breakdown each qualified team’s kit manufacturers.


Rest of the teams will be listed here once the have confirmed their qualification for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

FAQs regarding FIFA World Cup 2022 Team kits:

Which brands are producing FIFA World Cup 2022 Kits ?

Nike, Adidas, Puma, Hummels, Under Armour and Majid

When will the official team kits for World Cup 2022 will be launched ?

Different brands will launch home and away kits on different dates. Puma for example are launching home kits on 22 May 2022 while the away kit will be launched on 29th August 2022.

Which brand is producing kits for most teams in World Cup 2022 ?

Nike and Adidas have the most kit contracts.

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