How To Buy Tickets For FIFA Qatar Worldcup 2022 | Tickets Will Be Available In Three Phases

Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 tickets went on sale via the official FIFA website. The tickets will be available for residents and non-residents in three phases.

  • Sale Phase 1: Runs from 19 January 2022 to 8th Feb 2022.
  • Sale Phase 2: Starts from 1st April 2022 and will end when the ticket allocation has been meet.
  • Last Minute Sale: This will be another first come first serve system which will start 2 months before the tournament starts.

Phase one of Tickets sales has been closed and the random selection draw sales period of phase 1 will be announced on March 8, 2022. Ticket applicants will be notified of the outcome of their ticket applications by email. However, In every phase, three types of tickets were made available:

  • Individual Match Tickets (IMTs)
  • Team Specific Ticket Series (TSTs)
  • Four-Stadium Ticket Series (FSTs)

One can get complete access to Tickets sales and prices from:

Now, after the end of phase one, FIFA will start the sale of phase two sales. So, how you can apply for tickets? a complete guide and tickets prices breakdown are given below.

How To Apply For Tickets For FIFA Qatar Worldcup

To apply for Qatar World Cup tickets, you first need to make an official ticket account on the Fifa website. The official FIFA ticketing portal,, is the exclusive online ticket sales channel for the general public.

  1. Open the
  2. Click on Create Your Ticketing Account.
  3. Click on Regester With Email.
  4. Enter Your Email.
  5. Enter a Password.
  6. Write Your First and Last Name.
  7. Select Your Country.
  8. Click Next And Follow Further Instruction.
  9. Verify Your Email.
  10. Choose Your Ticket From Different Ticket Products.
  11. Give Your Detail And Complete Your Application.

Once you have registered, you will be given the option to apply either for individual match tickets, a four-stadium ticket series, or a team-specific ticket series.

Create account | Select Options

If opting for individual match tickets, you will be presented with the full list of fixtures in date order, from the group stage all the way up to the final. However, you will not know which specific matches you are applying for.

Individual Ticket | For individual match tickets, you can apply for up to six tickets per match and up to 60 tickets across the whole tournament. The four-stadium ticket series option bundles together four individual tickets, at four different stadiums, on four consecutive days. Similar to the individual match tickets, each applicant can apply for up to six four-stadium ticket series.

Specific team | The team-specific ticket series allows fans the opportunity to apply only for tickets to attend games of a certain team. Three, four, and seven tickets are available in this series. The three-ticket bundle includes only the three group games of the chosen team. Four tickets comprise the group games and the last-16. The seven tickets encompass the group games and entry to each of the knockout rounds, including the final.

Note | If your chosen team does not make it out of the group and you purchase the four-ticket series, you will still attend the last-16 match with a valid ticket. Likewise, with the seven-ticket series, you will still be able to attend each of the games, regardless of whether your team is eliminated prior to that round.

How Tickets for FIFA Qatar Worldcup Work

During the sales period, ticket applicants were able to submit their ticket applications at any time. There will be no preference being given in respect of the submission date (earlier submissions were not given any preference and do not have a better chance of success than later submissions). In the sales period, ticket purchases were not processed as real-time transactions.

Tickets allocation process | If demand for a given match or ticket category exceeds the available ticket inventory, Then random selection draws will take place to determine which applicants are allocated tickets. Such tickets are not oversubscribed, the relevant tickets will be allocated to the respective applicants, subject to full payment.

Tickets Chances, and Availability | Given the huge demand for World Cup tickets, there is no guarantee you will be allocated the tickets you applied for. There will be three outcomes of your request:

  • A ticket applicant may be successful
  • Partially successful
  • Unsuccessful

All successful, partially successful, and unsuccessful ticket applicants will be notified of the outcome of their applications by email. If their ticket application is successful or partially successful, an email will be sent. Email communication will also include further information about payment. It will include the steps to follow and the deadline to pay for their tickets.

Payment Method | Visa payment cards are the exclusive payment method accepted for residents of Qatar.

When is the 2022 Qatar World Cup?

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar begins on November 21 and runs until the final on December 18. There will be 32 national teams competing, divided into eight groups of four based on seeding.

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