Tickets Prices of Fifa World Cup 2022 Final in Qatar Increased 45% More Compare to Previous Event Held In Russia (2018)

Hike Tickets Prices

Things changed in last two years event that take place in the month of June and July moved to November and December 2022 for the first time. Covid-19 not impact the business but also sports business. Football fans travelling towards Qatar, to watch their national side playing in world cup need to pay 45% more price than previous world cup tickets. Hike in tickets prices of world cup 2022 will be sold in the November and December.

  • The group match tickets not affected with price hike, fans can buy them on average price through online
  • Tickets price increase the event comes to end in playoff’s and finals
  • A source released the data, according to them fans who purchase tickets for $1,150 tickets for the world cup 2018 final will purchase 2022 final tickets for $1,650.

The first phase of tickets will be available in June, on Fifa official web site. Covid-19 cases and extra budget for the protection of fans from all-over the world increased the budget of hosting nations and also one reason of hike in the ticket prices.

Fifa looking forward to Generate more than $550 million from hospitality rights and ticket sales, from all venues selected for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar that are within a 30-mile radius of Doha. The hike in tickets prices may increased more if the covid-19 situation wont control properly before the event.

Q: Do You Know how many fans applied for the ticket status?

A: More than 1.2 million fans requested for the tickets

Q: How many categories selected for tickets sales?

A: There are 4 categories in which tickets sales made

Q: Worth of Fifa World Cup 2022 Qatar Final Ticket?

A: Most expensive ticket worth more than $2k including gold package with food supply and seating capacity.

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