10 Best Current Footballers Not Going To FIFA World Cup 2022

The stage is ready for the world’s greatest sporting event, FIFA World Cup. Dates and venue of the tournament decided along with the TV broadcast deals. All the teams are going to Qatar with their best squads for making their ways to lift the trophy. But some football stars will miss out on playing the 2022 tournament for various reasons. Here is a rundown of top 10 best current football players who are not going to FIFA World Cup 2022.

Best Current Footballers Not Going To World Cup

Best Current Footballer Who Are Not Going To FIFA World Cup 2022

World cup 2022 is starting from November 20 while the final of the prestigious football competitions will be on December 19. Moreover, the TV coverage deals and sponsorships have increased the value and worth of the event. All teams have traced their ways to win the trophy and thus are finalizing their squads. However, some players are not going to Qatar for playing in the mega event. Below are the top 10 best current footballers who must be in the tournament but they are excluded for various reasons.

1 – Erling Haaland

Earling haaland's norway failed to qualify for FIFA World Cup
  • Club | Manchester City
  • National Team | Norway
  • Position | Striker

The young gun has surprised the world with his extraordinary talent and football skills. Erling is currently playing as striker and is holding a contract with Manchester City for participating in Premier League. Moreover, he is also the permanent part of Norway national football team and has played his role in some magnificent wins for the country. However, fans will not see this 22 years talent in the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 as Norway has not qualified for the main event. Although the young stunner tried his best but couldn’t take his team to the main round of the tournament.

2 – Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is not going to FIFA World Cup
  • Club | AC Milan
  • National Team | Sweden
  • Position | Striker

The player who has a remarkable record in the football leagues and has influenced the world with his game, Zlatan Ibrahimovic will also miss the 2022 world cup. The reason is again the same as Sweden is not able to cllear the qualifying round. Sadly, the football fans will be deprived of seeing Zlatan in the main round of event.

The Swedish footballer is currently a regular member of Sweden national football team and also playing for AC Milan as a striker in Serie A. He is famous for his long range shots but cannot show his talent in the mega event.

3 – Paulo Dybala

Paulo Dybala might be fit before the 2022 FIFA World Cup but remain doubtful
  • Club | Roma
  • National Team | Argentina
  • Position | Forward

It’s not about the issue of qualifying as Paulo Dybala is not participating in the world cup. Argentina has qualified for the 2022 mega event but he has faced an injury in his club match. The forward is currently playing for Roma in Serie A and also the permanent part of national football team of Argentina. In a club match against Lecce, Dybala shot a penalty and immediately faced an injury. Now, he will back his team by sitting in the dugout.

4 – Mohamed Salah

Player of the year in premier League Mohammad Salah is not going to World Cup as egypt failed to qualify
  • Club | Liverpool
  • National Team | Egypt
  • Position | Forward

Mohamed Salah is one of the most successful footballer of the modern era as he is playing for Liverpool in the Premier League. He is also the permanent part of Egypt national football team where he played as a forward. Salah has impacted the world with his wonderful gameplay and received much fame. But the conditions have deprived the world from seeing this skilled footballer in the world cup. Egypt faced a loss in the qualifiers against Senegal and they were out of the tournament. However, fans are hopeful to see their favorite star in the world cup 2026.

5 – Luis Diaz

Luis Diaz and his native Colombia failed to qualify for FIFA World Cup.
  • Club | Liverpool
  • National Team | Colombia
  • Position | Winger

25 years old Colombian winger Luis Diaz will also not be able to play the world cup 2022 as his team has not qualified. Diaz has stunned the football fans with his incredible skills and extraordinary talent. He is holding a contract deal with Liverpool and also a permanent part of Colombia national football team. However, fans will not see this young gun in the Qatar’s grounds. But they are hopeful to see him playing in the mega event within next 4 years.

6 – Victor Osimhen

Victor Osimhen's Nigeria failed to reach world cup 2022
  • Club | Napoli
  • National Team | Nigeria
  • Position | Striker

Victor Osimhen, professional Nigerian footballer is currently playing for Napoli and Nigeria national football team. But, he will also miss out on world cup as Nigeria failed to reach the main event of Qatar 2022. The striker did his best to get his team into the main round but the luck hasn’t supported him and his team. However, the striker has won the hearts of people with his incredible gameplay and footballing skills.

7 – Martin Odegaard

Martin Ƙdegaard and norway failed to reach world cup 2022
  • Club | Arsenal
  • National Team | Norway
  • Position | Attacking Mid-Fielder

Although famous as an attacking mid-fielder, Martin Odegaard also has the additional ability to score the goal with his forward’s skills. Thus, he has shocked the word and has grabbed much success even at the beginning of his career. However, the world will not see the 23 years old Martin in the mega event as Norway hasn’t reached the later stages of the world cup 2022. Thus, there will surely be the deficiency of star power.

8 – Eldor Shomurodov

  • Club | Roma
  • National Team | Uzbekistan
  • Position | Striker

Uzbekistan is also not playing the main event of world cup 2022 as they haven’t showed good performance in the mega event. Thus, the Roma star Eldor Shomurodov will also not playing the FIFA World Cup 2022. The Uzbek professional footballer is currently the captain of Uzbekistan national football team and also playing as a striker in Serie A. Having started his career in 2011, Eldor has achieved much success at the early stages of his career. But the football lovers will miss this multi-talented gun in the tournament.

9 – Riyad Mahrez

  • Club | Manchester City
  • National Team | Algeria
  • Position | Winger

One of the most influential footballer Algeria has ever produced is Riyad Mahrez. 31 years old striker is also the captain of Algeria national football team and holding the contract with Manchester City. He is playing as winger in Premier League and in the internationals as well. Riyad is one of the top goal scorer for Algerian in the recent years. And his presence can provide the thrill to the tournament but it’s a bad news as he is not the part of mega event

10 – Gianluigi Donnarumma

  • Club | Paris Saint German
  • National Team | Italy
  • Position | Goalkeeper

The 23 years old footballer has conquered the world with his incredible goal-keeping skills. Donnarumma is playing for Italy national team and also holding deal with Paris Saint German of Ligue 1. As Italy failed to qualify again for the 2018 world cup and it is consecutively second time that 4 times world champion is not participating. Thus, fans will also not be able to see him in the mega event as

All these are the details about the top 10 best current footballers who are not playing FIFA World Cup. The live stream of world cup also confirmed. If there is any change in the data, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!

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