World Cup Referees Salaries |Match Officials, Assistant Referees, Video Assistant Referees & Fourth Officials Payouts (Reported)

The 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup is taking place this year, in Qatar. The world cup will be in November. On the basis of Expense, Qatar World Cup is the most expensive world cup, ever held in football. Six months before the world cup, Still, Match official details are not completely reported yet. FIFA World Cup referees salaries are different in league competitions and European competitions.

World Cup Referees Salaries

World Cup Referees’ Salaries depend on the experience they had. It always qualified into categories. A football match is officiated by a team of Match officials. They are:

  • Match Referee
  • Assistant Referees
  • Fourth Official
  • Video Assistant Referees

Match Referee

Match Referee is one of the main people involved in the match. He is present on the field. Match Referee is the one who runs alongside players on both left and right sides of the field. A match referee normally paid a maximum of €750 per match for International matches. But once he got selected for the main tournaments such as of FIFA World Cup, European Championship, and Copa America, his match fee increased.

Some of the key roles played by the referees are:

  • To make sure all Laws of the Game are being followed during the match
  • Holds the power to stop, suspend or terminate the match at their discretion
  • It comes under his duty that the Injured player return to the field once the match restarts
  • He can stop the match if, in their opinion, a player gets seriously injured and ensure that they are removed from the field of play.
  • Controlling the match in cooperation with the assistant referees and, where applicable, with the fourth and other officials
  • Ensuring that any ball used meets the requirements of Law 2

Assistant Referees

With one match Referee, Two Assitant referees are there to support him. The two assistant referees are present on both sides of the field. They are well known as “Lines-man”. Lines-man mostly checks the offside rules and fouls that a referee can not see more clearly.

Assistant referees get paid €500 per match in normal FIFA-friendly games. But once they were part of the FIFA tournaments their earnings increased from €500 to €2,500 a match.

Some of the key roles played by the Assistant referees are:

  • They check which team is applicable to take free-kick, coroner kick
  • It’s their duty to check whether the player is offside or not.
  • To check substitution is requested
  • The assistant referee got options to enter the field of play to help control the (10 yards) distance.

Fourth Official

The fourth official supervises the substitution procedure and checks a player’s, and substitute’s equipment. He also monitors the re-entry of the player on the field and approval from the match referee. He holds the duty of supervising balls replacement during the match.

  • Checking the substitution procedure
  • Checking players, substitution, Re-entry of a player following a signal, approval from the referee.
  • Indicating the minimum amount of additional time the referee intends to play at the end of each half.

Video Assistant Referees – VAR

One of the major rules that have changed the football game forever is the introduction of VAR and VAR referees. Many goals earlier were not reported by the match officials due to a lack of surety. Now such goals and tackles can be reviewed by the video assistant referees. VAR gets paid €600 in friendly, qualifiers matches. After being selected for the FIFA World Cup 2022, VAR and AVAR will earn €3k in a match.

  • A VAR referee makes a decision using replay footage only for a ‘clear and obvious error’.
  • Any serious conduct during the match related to penalty or foul, goal, no goal, direct red card.

World Cup Referees Salaries

OfficialsPer Match FeesPlayoff & Finals FeesTournament Payouts
Match Referees€5,000€10,000€300,000
Assistant Referees€2,500€5,000€150,000
Fourth Official€2,500€5,000€150,000
Video Assistant Referees€3,000€5,000€175,000

Note | Complete details regarding FIFA World Cup referee’s salaries for the 2022 Qatar world cup updated once their names are confirmed. Most of the match officials were selected from the UEFA and CONMEBOL confederations.

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