Highest Paid Footballers In Fifa World Cup 2022

Highest Paid Footballers In World Cup

World Cup is the most luxurious tournament in the world. This year’s World Cup will feature some of the Highest Paid Footballers In the World Cup. The world of Football is crazy and wild. Once the footballers came under the spotlight, the Door of the ridiculous amount of money was open to his face. Over the years, football has found some best players who always give their best and are very good at it. They are one of the highest-paid players due to their market value and salary. So, the Highest Paid Footballers in the world Cup ranked their earnings on the two factors:

  1. Base Salary from the club
  2. Earning from Endorsement and Sponsorship deals.

The top 10 Highest Paid Footballers are selected based on the above mention Factors. Total earnings will include both Salary and Endorsement deals.

Highest Paid Footballers In World Cup

10). David de Gea$25 million

  • Age: 32
  • Total Earning: $25m
  • Salary: $22m
  • Endorsements: $3m
  • Team: Manchster United
  • Country: Spain

David De Gea is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for the Premier League Manchester United and the Spain national team

David was regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in the world throughout the latter half of the 2010s he has made over 400 appearances and won Premier League titles, an FA Cup, a League Cup, three community shields, and many more.

9). Antoine Griezmann – $25 million

Highest Paid Footballers In World Cup
  • Age: 30
  • Total Earning: $25m
  • Salary: $22m
  • Endorsements: $3m
  • Team: Atletico Madrid
  • Country: France

Antonie Griezman is a French professional football player who plays as a forward for La Liga club Barcelona and the France national team.

He is the senior club playing for the Real Sociedad and won the Segunda division title in his first division. He also ranks as the club’s fifth-highest all-time top goalscorer he has a club record of $33 million the value of which increases every three to four years.

8). Eden Hazard – $29m

Highest Paid Footballers In World Cup
  • Age: 30
  • Total Earning: $29m
  • Salary: $26m
  • Endorsements: $3m
  • Team: Real Madrid
  • Country: Belgium

Hazard is making around $29 million this year from both football salary and endorsements. He’s a Belgian winger for Real Madrid in La Liga and is the current captain of Belgium’s national team. He joined Madrid in 2019 and already has five goals.

Hazard previously spent seven years with Chelsea, scoring 110 goals in that span. With 606 career games played, he has accumulated 165 goals, 159 assists, and 10 major trophies.

7). Gareth Bale$32 million

Highest Paid Footballers In World Cup
  • Age: 32
  • Total Earning: $32m
  • Salary: $26m
  • Endorsements: $6m
  • Team: Real Madrid
  • Country: Wales

Bale is making around $32 million this year from both football salaries and endorsements. He’s a Welsh winger for Real Madrid in La Liga, joining the team in 2013. Since then, he has also spent 1 year on loan with Tottenham Hotspur. 

Bale holds a record with six Welsh Footballer of the Year awards, including four consecutive. In 538 career games played, he has 183 goals, and 152 assists, and has won 25 major trophies. 

6). Paul Pogba – $34 million

  • Age: 28
  • Total Earning: $34m
  • Salary: $27m
  • Endorsements: $7m
  • Team: Manchester United
  • Country: France

He is making around $34 million this year from both football salaries and endorsements. He joined the club in 2016 and has had 38 goals and 51 assists ever since. His contract with the club is set to expire at the end of the 21/22 season.

The 28-year-old is in the middle of a ten-year shoe contract with Adidas that is worth an estimated $45 million.

5). Robert Lewandowski – $35 million

  • Age: 33
  • Total Earning: $35m
  • Salary: $27m
  • Endorsements: $8m
  • Team: Bayern Munich
  • Country: Poland

The Bayern Munich Goal machine is set to earn $35 million this year from both football salary and endorsements, according to Forbes. He is a Polish striker for Bayern Munich of the Bundesliga and has been with the club since 2014. His current contract with the club will expire in 2023.

Moreover, He has launched his RL9 brand of clothing, adding to his endorsement earnings from Nike, Huawei, and Head & Shoulders, among others.

4). Kylian Mbappe – $43 million

  • Age: 23
  • Total Earning: $43m
  • Salary: $28m
  • Endorsements: $15m
  • Team: Paris Saint-German
  • Country: France

The Ninja Turtle and France Golden boy will make $43 million this year from both football salary and endorsements. He was loaned to PSG in 2017 and his transfer was made official in 2018. In 264 career games played, Mbappe has scored 180 goals and 111 assists.

PSG offered him a contract in the summer of 2021, but Mbappe shows a clear intention to play for Real Madrid. Real Madrid made an offer of a $180 million transfer fee which PSG rejected. In summer 2022, he will be a free agent.

3). Neymar Jr. – $95 million

  • Age: 30
  • Total Earning: $95m
  • Salary: $75m
  • Endorsements: $20m
  • Team: Paris Saint-German
  • Country: Brazil

Neyamr Jr will make $95 million this year from both football salary and endorsements. He began his senior career with Santos and eventually moved on to Barcelona before settling in PSG. In 452 career games played, he has 265 goals, 205 assists, and 31 major trophies. 

Last summer he signed a four-year contract extension with PSG and will stay in France till 2025. He signed the most Expensive boot deal with Puma £300 million in total payment over the course of the deal.

2). Cristiano Ronaldo – $120 million

  • Age: 37
  • Total Earning: $120m
  • Salary: $70m
  • Endorsements: $50m
  • Team: Manchester United
  • Country: Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo is making around $125 million this year from both football salaries and endorsements. After leaving Juventus, He joined his former club, Manchester United in 202.

Ronaldo has been one of the biggest names in football for almost two decades. In 918 career league games, Ronaldo has 688 goals and 301 assists. He won the Ballon d’Or five times. 

Ronaldo earns $55 million from endorsement deals and partnerships with brands including Nike, Herbalife, Clear, and his ever-expanding CR7-branded portfolio that includes perfume, underwear, eyewear, hotels, gyms, and more.

He was the first footballer who earns $1 billion from salaries and bonuses over his career. 

1). Lionel Messi – $130 million

  • Age: 34
  • Total Earning: $130m
  • Salary: $97m
  • Endorsements: $33m
  • Team: Paris Saint-German
  • Country: Argentina

The football Genius after departing from Barcelona will earn $110 million this year from both football salary and endorsements. He joined PSG last summer and formed a powerful trio with both Neymar Jr. and Mbappé.

Messi spent the previous 17 years with Barcelona. In 802 career games played, Messi scored 678 goals and dished 409 assists. He has the most number of Ballon d’Ors, 7.

Messi has pocketed $875 million in salary and bonus and another $350 million from endorsements for a total of more than $1 billion over his career. 

Top 25 Highest Paid Footballers In World Cup

RankPlayerSalaryEndorsementsClubTotal Earnings
1Cristiano Ronaldo$70m$55mManchester United$125m
2Lionel Messi$75m$35mParis Saint-German$110m
3Neymar Jr.$75m$20mParis Saint-German$95m
4Kylian Mbappe$28m$15mParis Saint-German$43m
5Mohamed Salah$25m$18mLiverpool$41m
6Robert Lewandowski$27m$8mBayern Munich$35m
7Andres Iniesta$31m$4mVissel Kobe$35m
8Paul Pogba$27m$7mManchester United$34m
9Gareth Bale$26m$6mReal Madrid$32m
10Eden Hazard$26m$3mReal Madrid$29m
11Antoine Griezmann$22m$3mAtletic-Madrid$25m
12David de Gea$22m$3mManchester United$25m
13Kevin De Bruyne$21m$3mManchester City$24m
14Jan Oblak$20m$2mAtletic-Madrid$22m
15Luka Modrić$18m$4mReal Madrid$22m
16Jadon Sancho$21m$1mManchester United$22m
17Timo Werner$19m$1mChelsea$20m
18Kai Harvetz$18$2mChelsea$20m
20Thomas Muller$17m$2mBayern Munich$19m
21Harry Maguire$18m$1mManchester United$19m
22Hakim Ziyech$16m$1mChelsea$17m
23David Alaba$12m$1mReal Madrid$13m
24Jack Grealish$12m$1mManchester City$13m
25Marcelo$9m$1mReal Madrid$10m

Ronaldo is set to earn $120 million before taxes in the 2021-22 season, with $70 million coming from salary and bonus for his return to United. The rest comes from personal endorsements and partnerships with brands including Nike, Herbalife, and CR7.

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