FIFA World Cup 2022 Prize Money (Official Breakdown by FIFA)

FIFA has reserved $1 billion as payments which include World Cup Prize Money ($440 million,

FIFA has announced a total prize money fund for the FIFA World Cup with a massive increase of 29% taking the total to $1 billion. We take a look at how the $1 billion prize money fund will be distributed by FIFA to not only qualified teams for the world cup but also as solidarity payments to federations that failed to qualify for World Cup.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Prize Money Breakdown:

For Qatar World Cup, FIFA announced a $1 billion Prize Money Fund Distribution System. The $1 billion Prize Money Fund will be distributed among 4 categories. As the $1billion funds are divided into four pillars of payments to be made.

  1. World Cup 2022 Prize Money ($440 million)
  2. Preparation Payments ($70 million)
  3. Potential Payments To Clubs ($310 million)
  4. Insurance fee reserved in case of Injuries to players ($220 million)

The Final Prize Money Fund For 2022 World Cup – $440 million

$440 million will be awarded as prize money payments among teams according to the two payment systems.

  • Guaranteed Fee: This is participation fee paid to every qualified nation.
  • Performance Based Payments: Higher the team finish in 2022 world cup, more prize money they will be paid.

  • Participation fee: 32 qualified teams will receive a preparation fee of $2.5 million each.
  • Group Stage: 16 teams that get eliminated in group stages will receive $8 million each.
  • Round of 16: 8 eliminated teams from round of 16 will receive $12 million each.
  • Quarterfinals: Losing quarterfinalists will earn $16 million each.
  • Fourth & Third Place: The fourth placing team will get $22 million and, the third placed team will get $26 million.
  • Runners-up: The runners-up of the 2022 world cup will be receiving $32 million.
  • Winner: The winner of the 2022 FIFA World Cup 2022 will receive $45 million.

World Cup Prize Money Comparison Of 2018 vs 2022

Below is the official breakdown of 2022 World Cup prize money and comparison to fifa worldcup 18 prize money.

Participation Fee (for all 32 qualified teams)$2.5 million$1.5 million
Group Stage (16 eliminated teams)$8 million$8 million
Round of 16 (8 eliminated teams)$12 million (each)$12 million
Quarterfinals (4 eliminated teams)$16 million (each)$16 million
Fourth Place$22 million$22 million 
Third Place$26 million$24 million
Runners-up$32 million$28 million
World Cup Winners$45 million$38 million
Player Insurance Fee$220 million$134 million 
Payments to parent clubs of the player by player$310 million$209 million
Winner of FIFA World Cup can take home as much as 47.5 million while teams are guarateen a payment of $10.5 regardless how they finish in the tournament. However higher the team finish more money they can make.

The prize money for the upcoming world cup is around $700 million after increasing 22% than last time. Last time total cost for the FIFA World Cup was $576. However, Last time the player insurance fee amount was around $134 million dollars, where payment to the parent club’s rewards was $209 million

FIFA World Cup Prize Money History

World Cup prize money history: its been on the rise since 1982 when first time prize money was disclosed by FIFA
The Evolution Of FIFA World Cup Prize Money 1982-2018

Since 1982 the FIFA World Cup prize money has manifolded every four years. In 1982’s edition the total prize money was $20 million. France the winner of the 2018 FIFA World Cup got $40 million. This clearly shows how the price of money has escalated after every edition.

EditionTotal FundWinning TeamGuarantee Payment
1982 FIFA World Cup$20 million$ 2.2 million 
1986 FIFA World Cup$26 million$ 2.8 million 
1990 FIFA World Cup$54 million$ 3.5 million 
1994 FIFA World Cup$71 million$ 4 million 
1998 FIFA World Cup$103 million$ 6 million 
2002 FIFA World Cup$156.5 million$ 8 million$ 100,000
2006 FIFA World Cup$266 million$ 20 million$ 300,000
2010 FIFA World Cup$420 million$ 30 million$ 500,000
2014 FIFA World Cup$576 million$ 35 million$ 1 million
2018 FIFA World Cup$791 million$ 40 million$ 1.5 million
2022 FIFA World Cup$1 Billion$ 45 million$ 2.5 million

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