FIFA World Cup TV Rights Revenue Comparison (2002-2022)

FIFA has promised TV and Online coverage of World Cup 2022 to be unprecedented in history with over 140+ territories across the world buying TV or Online rights. FIFA are set to pocket as much as $3 billion from World Cup tv rights revenue which is the biggest return of any FIFA revenue cycle. We breakdown the biggest deals of World Cup TV rights revenue wise and analyse why FIFA World Cup is the most lucrative sports tournament in the world.

FIFA World Cup TV rights revenue and broadcasting deals explained

Broadcasting Value Of FIFA World Cup

Since the inaugural season in 1930, world cup event has gained incredible popularity and is now one of the leading tournament in world’s sports event. With the involvement of technology and innovation, the broadcasting deals have caused its popularity to reach at sky-high level as the people from all across the globe were become able to watch the matches live. Below is the comparison chart of broadcasting values of FIFA World Cup from 2002 to 2018 event.

Host countries always experience multi-billion dollars revenue from the broadcasting deals. The live coverage and stream of the matches started for the first time in 1954 world cup, taken place in Switzerland. West Germany made their way to the trophy after beating Hungary in the final. FIFA has generated $1.6 billion from the world cup event held in Korea in 2002.

With the rise in the broadcasting deals worth, FIFA is able to pocket $2.6 Billion from the 2006 world cup which took place in Germany. The draw of the event was viewed by 300 million viewers. While the collective viewership of the tournament was 2.9 billion. Almost 715 million fans watch the final of 2006 world cup, played between Italy and France.

Then a huge difference is seen between the broadcasting revenues of the 2010 world cup took place in South Africa and 2006 edition. It was for the first time when HD streaming of the event made possible. FIFA banked a huge revenue of $4.2 billion and the football world cup declared as one of the most money generating tournament.

The next edition took place in 2014 in Brazil where Germany became the champion after beating the strong Argentina team. There was not very much big difference in the broadcasting value from the previous event as FIFA received $4.8 Billion.

France won the 2018 world cup after an epic display of the footballing skills as they beat Croatia in the final. Russia was the host country. FIFA has signed expensive TV coverage deals with the broadcasters and generated $5.2 billion from streaming the matches across the globe, $400 million more from the previous event.

World Cup YearTotal ViewershipFinal ViewershipBroadcasting Value
20021.7 billion300 million$1.6 billion
20062.9 billion715.1 million$2.6 billion
20103.49 billion909.6 million$4.2 billion
20143.51 billion1.01 billion$4.8 billion
20183.57 billion1.12 billion$5.2 billion

FIFA World Cup 2022 Broadcasting Value

This will be the 22nd occurrence of the mega event, starting from November 20 while the final will take place on December 19. Qatar is the host of the matches and all the contests will be played in 8 stadiums across the country. France is entering the world cup 2022 as the defending champion while Germany and Croatia are also among the strong contenders.

World Cup 2022 is expected to receive more than 5 billion views as FIFA has signed TV coverage deals with some new broadcasters. The governing body has confirmed that SBS will stream the matches in Australia. While Bell Media in Canada and IMC in Caribbean islands. Moreover, FIFA has sold the broadcasting rights to Fox Sports and Telemundo which will provide the live telecast in United States. Thus, the biggest chunk of the revenue will come from them.

Moreover, BBC iPlayer is also holding the TV coverage rights to stream the matches across the United Kingdom (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales). Moreover, the deal with beIN Sports to stream the matches in MENA countries will also produce a heavy revenue. Thus, the broadcasting value of FIFA World Cup 2022 will reach the $6.5 billion.

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All these are the details about the FIFA World Cup broadcasting value. If there is any change in the details, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!

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