Hosting Cost O FIFA Worldcup | Qatar Investment Rise To $220 Billion For 2022 Tournament

Hosting the most global and watched event is not an easy job to pull of. The budget and cost of hosting the FIFA Worldcup have been changed over the years. Before the 1990 edition, FIFA has never revealed the actual cost of the event. However, in 1990 Italy (Host) the event and FIFA later share the details. The cost of FIFA WorldCup depend on the following things:

  • Constratuctions of New stadiums
  • Maintaence of existing stadiums

The cost of hosting the FIFA Worldcup now increased every following year. The hosting Cost of the FIFA Worldcup has been revealed.

Cost Hosting FIFA Worldcup

1990- Italy, Worth $4 billion

The cost of hosting the 1990 world cup in Italy was US $4 billion. The tournament began on 8th June and the Final was played on 8th July 1990. 12 cities chosen for the world cup, hosted by the Italian football federation. West Germany became the winner after defeating Argentina in the final.

1994- United States of America, Worth $500 Million

Compared to the 1990 budget of Hosting the WorldCup, the USA hosted the event in a mere $500 million. The reason was the USA already had stadiums to host the events. On June 18, 1994, the event began with the match between the United States and Switzerland. Brazil become the champions, while former hosts of the World Cup Italy finished runner-ups.

1998- France, Worth $2.33 billion

1998 world cup cost a maximum of $2.33 billion for the development of the stadium, seating capacity, and construction of new stadiums. France became the first football nation, who won the WorldCup on its soil. All matches were played on 10 different venues that were adjusted for the World Cup.

2002- Japan & Korea, Worth $7 billion

It was the first time, Worldcup was played in the Aisa region. Japan and South Korea step forward and earn the rights to host the Fifa World Cup. The event cost Bizzare an amount of US $7 billion. The amount was used to construct new stadiums before eth event. Brazil won the event.

2006- Germany, $5billion

It was a bidding war for the rights of the 2006 world cup. Germany and South Africa were in the race. Unfortubalkty Germany won the rights by the margin of 1 vote. Soon, Germany has announced the host of the 2006 world cup, Constructions were started. A total of 12 different venues was selected to host the event. Italy won the World Cup.

2010- South Africa, Worth $3.6 Billion

After losing to Germany over the hosting rights of the 2006 world cup, South Africa finally ended its wait for the event. South Africa became the destination of the 2010 world cup. South Africa football federation invested more than $3.6 billion to host the event in 9 cities. Spain become the champions first time after defeating the Netherlands in the final. Regardless of anything, it was a historic event.

2014- Brazil, Worth $15 Billion

Worldcup event was back in Brazil in 2014. To make things possible, the Brazil Football federation invested US $15 billion in the tournament. Brazil lost the semifinal from Germany.

2018- Russia, Worth $11.6 billion

Alongside Russia, nations like Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, and England were competing for the Hosting rights. Russia won the bidding round by 13 votes. The total cost for the event was $11.6 billion. France took the trophy home after defeating Croatia in the finals.

2022- Qatar, Worth $220 Billion

Qatar wins the rights for the Fifa World Cup 2022. Eight stadiums were selected to host the event. Before that, Qatar doesn’t have any Worldclass standard football stadiums. Stadium development is in process and it will be completed months before the tournament will kick off in November. It’s for the first time when World Cup moved from summer to winter season due to weather conditions and covid-19. 2022 Fifa World Cup cost more than $220 billion to Qatar. The reasons are given below:

  • Constuctions of 8 new Worldclass stadiums.
  • Biggest stadium with more seating capacity considered
  • Air conditioned install Inside the stadiums
Hosting NationCost of HostingWinnersYear
Italy$4 billionGermany1990
USA$500 millionBrazil1994
France$2.33 billionFrance1998
Korea & Japan$7 billionBrazil2002
Germany$4.6 billionItaly2006
South Africa$3.6 billionSpain2010
Brazil$15 billionGermany2014
Russia$11.6 billionFrance2018
Qatar$220 billionTBA2022

Currently, we can not say how much the World Cup 2022 benefits the Arab nation (Qatar), but a huge number of football fans are expected to be in Qatar. Qatar breaks all previous records of the cost of hosting the Fifa world cup in 2022.

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