Watch FIFA World Cup Online On TV4 & SVT Sweden (Free)

Sweden might not have qualified for 2022 FIFA World Cup, but the World Cup coverage in the country will still be available and that too on free-to-air channels called SVT and TV4 both of which are state owned and available both via traditional TV coverage as well as their online streaming platforms. TV4 and SVT both will share the broadcasting rights of 64 world cup matches and their world cup coverage is available for free to all Sweden residents.

Watch FIFA World Cup on TV4 SVT Sweden online streaming platforms

TV4 and SVT World Cup Coverage In Sweden:

Since TV4 and SVT both have their online streaming platform which are free for Sweden residents, it also opens up oppertunity for people from outside Sweden to access their world cup coverage streams. We have produced 100% working guide on how you can watch FIFA World Cup on TV4 & SVT live online from anywhere in the world.

Links to official online streaming platforms:

TV4Play – You will need to complete free sign-up to to watch TV4 streams

SVTplay – No signup needed.

Unlocking TV4 and SVT World Cup Streams From outside Sweden:

Both TV4 and SVT online streaming platforms are geo-blocked outside of Sweden. Which means if you were to access these platforms from outside Sweden you will get an error message “Content only available in Sweden”. But if you could change IP address of your device to Sweden, you will unlock both platforms from anywhere in the world. And we guide you through how you can do it.

Using VPN to unlock TV4 and SVT Online Streaming Platforms:

Total Time: 10 minutes

Buy an VPN Account

First step is to buy an VPN account with one of the reputable VPN providers. We recommend ExpressVPN which has servers in our 94+ countries. ExpressVPN cost just $6.67 a month and it will help you unlock World Cup live streams from many countries including UK, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, France where world cup coverage is free.

Download VPN app and Connect To Sweden IP Address

Once have the VPN account, download & install their VPN app on the device you want to use to watch TV4, SVT world cup coverage. Connect to Sweden IP address inside the VPN app.

Create An Free Account At Tv4 and SVT:

Once you connected to Sweden IP address in VPN app. Go back to your normal browser and visit TV4Play and SVT official streaming platform websites. Here you will need to create free accounts. You will need Swedish postal code for that just do a simple search in google “Sweden Post Code” and use any of the post code shown. Usual format is 114 96.

Watch TV4 and SVT World Cup Streams

Now that you have TV4 and SVT accounts, just click on the stream button and your streams will begin. Make sure you keep yourself connected to Sweden IP address in VPN app while watching the streams. Once done watching you can switch VPN off.

ExpressVPN – #1 Recommended VPN

✅ As you can see in the above example, we unlocked SVT and TV4 from outside Sweden with the help of ExpressVPN. This is your best bet for watching world cup via official sources and and absolutely free.

✅ We highly recommend ExpressVPN which work not only with this Swedish option but also with UK’s coverage of BBC iplayer and ITV Hub. Australia coverage of SBS On-Demand and many other official channels showing the world cup for free.

We have produced similar guides to watch FIFA World Cup in other countries. Best ones include BBC & ITV coverage for free. Followed by Australia’s SBS on-demand streams which are also free. While Switzerland, Germany, France are other countries where World Cup coverage is free.

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