Watch FIFA World Cup On From Outside Italy ?

Italy failed to quality for FIFA World Cup 2022 which was a big surprise considering they are the defending European Champions. Even if Italy is not playing in the World Cup, Italian fans would still want to watch the tournament and Italy’s national TV network called “Rai” has the bought the exclusive rights for FIFA World Cup 2022 In Italy. Lets guide you through how to watch FIFA World Cup on raiplay for free.

Watching FIFA World Cup on from outside Italy is the official online streaming rights holder in Italy for FIFA World Cup. its free for all Italian residents. However we have a guide which you can follow to unlock from outside italy.

Rai will broadcast every single World Cup match in Italy via their traditional TV channels and also through their online streaming platform called “”. Both sources are free for Italian residents. But world cup streams will be geo-blocked outside of Italy. But we have an 100% working guide to unlock RaiPlay streams from anywhere in the world for absolutely free.

Watching World Cup 2022 Coverage From Outside Italy:

Due to rights and licensing issues, streams are not available from outside Italy. But if you could change your IP address of the device you are using to Italy, you can easily access RailPlay streams in italian language.

Unlocking With VPN:

To change the IP address of your device (PC, Laptop, or even Mobiles) you will need an VPN account. VPN let you change ip address of your device. There are plenty of top quality VPN providers and we used ExpressVPN to unlock RaiPlay and it worked like a charm.

Here is what you have to do:

  • Buy an VPN account with ExpressVPN
  • Download ExpressVPN app or browser extension depending on the device you are using.
  • Connect to Italy IP address in the VPN app.
  • Once connected to Italy IP address, visit and register an free account.
  • Once your account is created, sign-in to the account.
  • Now you have full access to RailPlay online channels, programmes. FIFA World Cup matches will be on Rai 1, 2 and 3. See the schedule which channel is showing the match and click on that channel stream.

TIP: You can change text from italy to English or any other language by right click in google chrome and clicking on translate. It will be easier for you to register the account at RaiPlay.

Below is visual illustration of how this whole setup will work. Starting with creating VPN account with ExpressVPN and Connecting to Italian IP Address.

Unlocking from outside Italy to watch FIFA World Cup live streams.
here you see we connected to Italy IP address in ExpressVPN app. Once connected we opened in google chrome browser and if you scroll down a bit you will see rai channels listed accordingly. We click on rai 1 channel and stream started smoothly.
live stream Raiplay with the help of VPN from anywhere in the world.
This is the screenshot taken in real-time, We have live stream of Rai 1 playing and on the right you can see we are still connected to Italy IP address via ExpressVPN.
If you visit from outside Italy without using VPN, and try to start the stream this is the message comes up which shows “Streaming content is not available outside Italy”. So the trick is simple yet 100% effected, Install VPN and connect to Italy IP address.

We have produced the similar guides on watching FIFA World Cup in different countries where its coverage is free. One of these is play-suisse fifa world cup streams where Italian language option is also available.

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