How To Watch FIFA World Cup Live Online Via From Outside Russia ?

Due to Russia-Ukrain conflict Russia football team was suspended from FIFA World Cup qualifying which resulted in them not participating in 2022 FIFA World Cup. But FIFA had already sold TV and Online rights to Russian networks. State owned Channel One and VGTRK will broadcast selected games on free-to-air channels while all 64 matches will be shown live via online platform called “MatchTV” owned by Gazprom Media.

watching FIFA world Cup on MatchTV from Outside Russia

How to Watch FIFA World Cup On MatchTV Russia For Less Then $5 ?

MatchTV is a subscription based online platform which only cost 120 Russian Ruble a month ($1.8 a month). The best part about MatchTV online platform is it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Only thing you need is to buy the subscription which cost less $2 a month. It gives oppertunity to anyone around the world who don’t have world cup coverage in their part of the world and if it is available its quite expensive. For example FoxSports in US cost around $25 a month minimum. We guide you through how you can watch MatchTV live online for less then $2 a month. Only downer being it will be in Russian language.

Using VPN To Unlock from outside Russia:

But since is geo-blocked outside Russia, you will have to change your IP address to Russia in order for streams to work. It can be done very easily with the help of VPN. We recommend CyberGhost VPN as we tried it and managed to unlock without much of a fuzz from UK. CyberGhost is one of the few VPN providers who have servers in Russia.

We guide you though how you can unlock from anywhere in the world. First of all you will need VPN to change you device IP address to Russia.

How To Watch World Cup Coverage Via VPN ?

Total Time: 10 minutes

Setting up VPN with Russian ip address

Step 2. Connect to Russian IP address inside VPN app

Step 3. Once connected to Russian IP, visit in your normal browser.

Setting up account and subscription

Step 4. Once on website, click on subscribe and it will give you two options. Monthly package 299 rubbles or yearly package 1440 rubbles. If you only want to watch World Cup just go with 299 rubbles ($4.50) package.

Step 5. Next screen it will ask you to verify via phone number. You can use international number no problem

Step 6. Once verified by phone number, you can move to registering the account. Here you will need to enter details like email, name etc.

Watching World Cup streams on

Step 7. Once account is registered and subscription completed with payment. You can head back to and sign in to your account

Step 8. After signing in to your account click on broadcasts and it will show you upcoming Matches and times. Click on the broadcast with World Cup coverage and you will have yourself World Cup streams from official source

ExpressVPN – #1 Recommended VPN

We tested the streaming with the help of ExpressVPN and it worked absolutely fine. We highly recommend ExpressVPN if you are looking to watch the world cup in russian language via

Make sure you are connected to cyberghost russia IP address throughout the process and until you are watching the streams. Once done watching, remember to turn off the VPN.

This is one of the many “How to Watch FIFA World Cup” guides we have produced on different channels and countries.

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