How To Watch FIFA World Cup Live Online Via JioCinema Streams In India

For the very first time FIFA World Cup will be broadcasted in India via online streaming platform called JioCineme which is owned by Viacom18. Incredibly the world cup coverage on Jio Cinema is absolutely free for all Jio sim holders. Viacom18 itself will also broadcasted via traditional tv coverage in India.

watch FIFA World Cup on JioCinema free from anywhere outside India

How To Watch FIFA World Cup Live Online via ViaCom18’s JioCinema Streams?

JioCinema is online video and Streaming on-demand platform which is owned by Viacom18 In India. Viacom has bought the exclusive world cup rights in India and surprisingly they decided to broadcast the tournament pretty much free via their online platform.

Anybody in India who has Jio simcard can watch the World Cup absolutely free at and JioCinema mobile apps. People who don’t have Jio simcards can buy one, activate it as it only cost 25 Indian rupees ($0.30 USD) and watch the tournament live without paying anything.

How To Unlock JioCinema World Cup Streams From Outside India ?

Since its free many people from outside India will be looking to watch the tournament live online on JioCinema. They also have English commentary/coverage which is a plus. We guide you through how you can access their streams from outside India.

First of all, if you can not get your hands on Sim card or data plan from Jio, you will not be able to watch JioCinema streams regardless you are in India or not. But if you can get your hands on JioCinema account with the help of your Indian friend all you need to do is change the IP address of your device to India using VPN and it will unblock any country restrictions.

Unlocking JioCinema from outside India

Time needed to unlock JioCinema from outside India 10 minutes

Connect to indian IP address

Step 1: Connect to Indian IP address via VPN of your choice. (we recommend ExpressVPN)

Step 2: Once connected to India ip address, Visit website or download their mobile application.

ExpressVPN – #1 Recommended VPN

We tested the streaming with the help of ExpressVPN and it worked absolutely fine. We highly recommend ExpressVPN if you are looking to watch the world cup in Indian coverage at JioCinema

You Must Have JioCinema Account

Step 3: Sign-in to your JioCinema account and start watching FIFA World Cup streams.

Important: However if you dont have Jio account you will need to create one. It cost around 200 Indian Rupees but you absolutely must physically be present in india to get Jio account.

If you are India are traveling abroad we are sure you can get your hands on Jio account or already have one. But you will need to change you IP address to India to unblock streams. Also be nice and share your JioCinema account with your foreign football crazy friends who will really appreciate free world cup coverage specially if they are in the US.

We have created these kind of guides for all big channels and countries. “How to watch World Cup ” topic is covered from all angles at this website. You might want to check the following guides if you are looking to stream FIFA World cup online.

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FAQs Regarding World Cup Coverage In India:

Which channel is streaming World Cup In India ?

Viacom18’s online streaming platform called JioCinema is producing live streams for FIFA World Cup and its absolutely free for Jio account holders.

Is it possible to watch JioCinema outside India ?

With the help of VPN and changing your IP address to India, yes you can watch Jiocinema from outside India. However must have Jio account to watch streams

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