How To Stream FIFA World Cup On Android Devices Phones, Tablets & TVs

How to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 on android devices like Phones, Tablets, Smart TVs

Broadcasting of major events has kind of moved into new sphere with introduction of online live streams on all kinds of devices. If you are an android user who has devices which use Android IOS (Phones, Tablets or even smartTV’s) we have a guide for you which will help you stream FIFA World Cup 2022 on any your android device via official sources legally from anywhere in the world.

Watch World Cup 2022 On Android Phones:

We will need to download sports streaming applications on Android phones. There are several high quality application which will be producing World Cup live coverage. Some of them are from official rights holder and some are third party and might not be legal in some parts of the world.

As 60% of all website traffic has moved to mobiles, it is clear people want to watch events such as World Cup on the go. In order to do that below are some of the application which you can use to watch 2022 FIFA World Cup live online.

Best Android Phone Applications to watch 2022 World Cup Streams:

  • BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub (Official rights holder & Free): Although its free but you will need an VPN account if you are access these apps from outside the UK.
  • FoxSports GO (Official rights holder & Cost $45 a month). You will need an FoxSports subscription to watch official streams on this app. Subscription can be bought on several platforms like local cable provider, slingTV, youtubeTV, FuboTV etc.
  • SuperSports DSTV App (Official rights holder & cost $15 a month). South African channel with english coverage. It cost just $15 a month and you will need VPN to get South African IP adress.
  • Mobdro (not official but free streams). One of the free streaming app. They have live coverage for every single world cup match.

Watch World Cup 2022 Streams on Android TVs:

If you are using TV with android IOS, you got several options to watch world cup streams. These options include both Official and not official streaming apps.

YoutubeTV: One of the best way to enough live streams of world cup is on youtubeTV. You will need fork out $60 a month subscription and it comes with FoxSports channels. Although only available for US residents. You can use VPN to buy YoutubeTV subscription and watch their streams from anywhere in the world.

FoxSports GO: Just like their mobile android app, FoxSports GO app is also available in the US for Android TV. $45 a month subscription needed to watch Fox coverage of World Cup.

KODI: This one is rather cheap way to watch. There are many illegal broadcasters for World Cup 2022 in KODI sphere. All you need is to install this app on your android TV and you are good to go.

10 Best Android Streaming Apps you can use to watch World Cup 2022 Live Streams:

KODI: (Free)

KODI is one of the most popular streaming app available on android devices. KODI themselves dont stream any event however, there are broadcasters who can use KODI plateforms to produce live streams of major events like world cup.

BBC iPlayer (Free but UK based, use VPN to access from outside the UK)

BBC are official rights holder in the UK. Their online app BBC iplayer is available on both android and AppleStore. Since these apps are geo-blocked to uk only, you will need an VPN to unlock the apps. BBC and ITV produce the best World Cup coverage and its free. So this is your best shot.

ITV Hub (Free but UK based, use VPN to access from outside the UK)

Just like BBC, ITV have their official streaming app called ITV Hub. they will be producing live streams for atleast 32 matches and this app and channels are totally free for UK residents. However geo-blocked for outside world. But anyone from outside UK can use VPN and access ITV Hub coverage.

SlingTV: (US Subscription so VPN is the way to go)

This is yet another offering in the US, SlingTV is very popular and have FoxSports channels in their monthly subscription. It cost around $45 a month to get acccess to SlingTV in the UK which can be watched on all devices including Androids. However, its geo-blocked outside US, which means you will need VPN to access it.

YoutubeTV: (US Subscription so VPN is the way to go)

If you are willing to forkout $50 a month subscription, YoutubeTV is the best way you can enjoy world cup 2022. They have FoxSports channels under their subscription and YoutubeTV apps are available on all devices.

FuboTV: (US Subscription so VPN is the way to go)

Another US based offering from streaming platform called FuboTV. They not only have foxSports but other sports channels which have live coverage of F1, top european football leagues. It cost around $45 and their apps are also available on android.

Using VPN To Watch World Cup Live Online

1. Download and Install VPN app on your device.

2. Connect to IP address of the country with free live coverage

3. Visit BBC iplayer/ITV Hub/RTE/SBS etc websites in your browser.

4. Watch the world cup free of cost. Just make sure you have your device connected to IP address of that country.

As the world cup start comes near, we will be updating this post and adding more full proof ways on how you can watch 2022 World Cup live streams online.

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