BBC iPlayer: How To Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 Live Stream From Outside The UK

BBC is the state owned TV network in the United Kingdom and it is free-to-air channel in UK (England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales). BBC has the FIFA World Cup tv & online rights in the UK alongside another state owned channel called ITV. Both BBC and ITV will share the coverage where both will get to telecast 32 matches each.

Since BBC will be producing live streaming feeds via their online platform called BBC iplayer anyone from the UK can access live coverage of World Cup absolutely free. All they need PC/mobile or smartTV and a working internet connection. Since BBC produce the best coverage of big events like World Cups, Olympics and European championshop many people from outside the UK want to access BBC coverage. But because its geo restricted you need to bypass via proxy to get BBC iplayer coverage from outside the UK.

We guide you through how you can watch BBC iplayer from anywhere in the World, costing not more then $5 a month.

Streaming BBC iPlayer Coverage of FIFA World Cup 2022 from outside the UK.

First thing you need to know is that BBC iplayer is the online platform from BBC where they stream everything live which is on BBC channels. BBC iPlayer can be access via your PC/Laptop device. Or you can download iPlayer app on your phone or smartTV. All this is free for UK residents.

However if you want to access World Cup coverage of BBC iPlayer (which we highly recommend) from outside the UK, you will need to get an VPN account.

What is VPN ?

Virtual private network (VPN) is a tech which allow you to change you IP address to any other country you want. So if you want to watch BBC iplayer coverage by your are in lets say, India. You can use VPN to change your IP address to uk.

We recommended ExpressVPN which is fastest in the industy and we have a good history with them since 2014 world cup. It cost around $5 a month and open up so many possibilities.

this is screenshot taken in real-time with BBC iplayer streams working with the help of ExpressVPN. BBC iplayer was showing Rugby League World Cup match as they have broadcasting rights for that tournament as well. For FIFA World Cup we will have same quality coverage on BBC iplayer and its absolutely free.

How does it Work ?

So lets say, you want to watch World Cup official coverage via BBC online streaming but you are outside the UK. You need to follow the following steps to get the BBC coverage legally.

  • 1). Buy an VPN account
  • 2). Download the VPN app on your PC/Laptop or mobile.
  • 3). Open the VPN app, change you IP address to any country you want. In our case, you would select UK Ip address.
  • 4). Once connected to UK ip. Depending on device you using you will go to your browser and visit BBC iPlayer website. or if you are on phone, download BBC iplayer application.
  • 5). Watch the world cup after following the above points. Remember world cup coverage is shared between BBC and ITV. You have to check BBC and ITV schedule to see which match is on which network.

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FAQs Regarding BBC World Cup 2022 Coverage:

BBC Sport channel is free ?

Yes, BBC sport channels are absolutely free. However only in the UK and these are geo-restricted meaning you can not access BBC coverage from outside the UK without VPN.

Can I Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 on BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the World ?

Yes. Although it is geo-restricted to only UK audiance. You can always use VPN to bypass the geo restriction and get free world cup coverage via BBC.

How can I watch BBC Sport from outside the UK ?

You can watch BBC sport live via BBC’s official iPlayer app which can be dowloaded on PC or Mobile devices. However if you are access the app from outside the UK, you will need an VPN account.

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