How To Watch FIFA World Cup Without Cable In The USA?

Soccer has enormous fan following and it is continuously increasing over the course of years. However, world cup is always the greatest event, no matter how much the football leagues earn popularity. Dates and venue for the upcoming event, scheduled in November and December announced as it will take place in Qatar. Although many fans have tickets in their hands, but millions have to watch the matches on TVs. Here are the complete details about how to watch the live stream of FIFA World Cup 2022 without cable in the USA.

FIFA World Without Cable

FIFA has signed TV coverage deals with a number of broadcasters to stream the world cup matches live across the globe. Thus, you need cable subscription with the broadcaster according to your region. However, there are many flaws as sometimes poor connection or physical damages to the wires may disrupt the continuous match stream. Hence, cable free streaming option is the best way to watch the action live online.

How To Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 Without Cable In The USA?

Fox Sports holds the official TV coverage rights for streaming the world cup matches across United States as FIFA has signed a contract deal. It is not possible to watch the Fox Sports without cable subscription. However, some streaming services offers access to the Fox Sports, thus, you have a chance for streaming the world cup live by subscribing the apps. In this way, you can watch the world cup without cable and enjoy the seamless streaming.

Below are the top streaming services which allows access to the Fox Sports. Have a look at them and pick the best to go.

YouTube TV

The best way to go to enjoy the world cup action live online without cable while sitting in United States is YouTube TV. This platform allows you to stream 85+ channels to watch them online and Fox Sports is also one of them. Moreover, Telemundo is also available on YouTube TV to watch the mega event in Spanish language. Thus, you just need to purchase the subscription of YouTube TV which will cost around $64.99 per month. Details are available about how to watch the world cup on YouTube TV.


DirecTV is also another streaming option you can use to watch the FIFA world cup 2022 without cable. It provides access to 65+ TV channels including Fox Sports for English streaming. The subscription cost of the channel is $69.99 while $15 will be the additional charges for including the Espanol add-on to watch the FIFA matches in Spanish language on Telemundo.

Sling TV

Another TV streaming option which provides the facility to watch the football world cup live without cable is Sling TV. It also provides access to the Fox Sports for the monthly subscription fee of $35 minimum on Blue package. The only drawback for subscribing the Sling TV is that it has not Telemundo in its channel list.

Hulu + Live TV

Another TV streaming option without cable in USA is Hulu + Live TV. This channel will provide you direct access to Fox Sports as well as Telemundo. Thus, you can watch the matches live online in English and Spanish both. The subscription cost is $69.99 per month.

Fubo TV

Fubo TV also cost $69.99 per month as the subscription fee. However, provides multiple sports channels including Fox Sports for the live streaming of FIFA world cup 2022. Moreover, 7 days trial is also available on Fubo TV pro package.

How To Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 Without Cable Outside The USA?

All the above mentioned TV streaming services are geo restricted and available only for the United States users. For the fans who want to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 without cable while living outside the US, they must need an IP from the American state. Hence VPN is required for this process.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) works on the principle to mask your real IP and location. Thus, you can change both and connect to the desired servers. For watching the grand tournament, a big collection of VPNs is available. However, Express VPN is the best way to go. Follow the below steps to change your location and access top the cable free streaming of 2022 world cup.

  • Install the Express VPN from PlayStore or AppStore.
  • Create an account.
  • Choose the United States servers.
  • Connect to the server.
  • Open any TV streaming service after purchasing the subscription.
  • Enjoy the cable free world cup streams.

Using VPN To Watch World Cup From Outside USA

1. Buy an VPN account (we recommend ExpressVPN).

2. Connect to US IP address inside the VPN app

3. Once connected to US Ip address. Visit any of the above mentioned apps on your device and login using your subscription details. If you dont have access to these apps you either buy subscription to one of these or try our other guides to watch world cup free from anywhere in the world.

4. The one thing you really need is a good VPN to unlock some of the official online streaming services. So get your hands on VPN account from one of the reputable VPN providers.

All these are the details about how to watch the live stream of FIFA world cup 2022 without cable in the USA or outside the United States. If there is any change in the details, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!

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