How To Watch German World Cup 2022 Coverage On ZDF, ARD and MagentaTV From Outside Germany

FIFA World Cup ZDF

In Germany viewers can watch FIFA World Cup 2022 on both free-to-air and premium channels. State owned and free-to-air channels ZRD & ARD will share the broadcasting of all 64 world cup matches in Germany while viewers can also use MagnetaTV to get premium coverage of world cup. We guide you though how you can watch world cup in German coverage both from inside the Germany and outside of it with same channels.

How To Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 On ZDF & ARD Free?

ZDF and ARD are a non-profit free to air TV channel in Germany. They have been official broadcasters of FIFA World Cup in Germany since the TV broadcasting started. Both channels will share the broadcasting for 2022 FIFA World Cup and they have already announced their TV schedule with their match picks in group stages.

ZDF and ARD both will also broadcast the matches via their official live streaming portals and mobile applications. Their online streams are free for all German residents who just need to visit their official websites to get live streaming.

To watch live streaming via official germen networks all you need to do is visi their online platforms.

ZDF Mediathek Live Streams:

ARD Mediathek Live Stream:

ZDF & ARD Live Streams From Outside Germany:

ZDF & ARD online live streams are geo-restricted outside the German. However there is a simple trick you can use to unlock ZDF and ARD coverage from anywhere in the world. All you need is an VPN account and change your IP address to Germany.

VPN (virtual private network) can be used to change the IP address of your device and in this case we will change our IP address to Germany to access live streams of ZDF and ARD from anywhere in the world. We guide you through how you can do that.

Watching ZDF and ARD World Cup Coverage Using VPN From Outside Germany:

Follow the steps below to watch the live stream of football world cup matches on ZDF & ARD outside the Germany.

MagentaTV Live Streams In Germany:

You can also use the same trick to watch German coverage on premium channel called MagentaTV but you will need to have subscription for that channel. They will also be producing live streams inside the Germany for all 64 world cup matches.

It costs around €10 a month but for new customers in German they can get 6 months free on a 12 month contract. MagentaTV is offered via T-mobile in Germany. To access live streams of MagentaTV from outside Germany you will need subscription of T-mobile and login-details.

What is the subscription fee of ZDF?

ZDF is free-to-air. Thus, you have to pay nothing for watching the matches on ZDF.

Is ZDF geo-restricted?

Yes. ZDF is only available for German users.

How to watch ZDF outside the Germany?

You need a VPN to watch the ZDF outside the Germany. Just download a VPN and connect it to the German server. Express VPN is the top choice.

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