How To Stream FIFA World Cup On SRG SSR Online Platforms From outside Switzerland ?


SRG SSR is free to air, state owned TV network in Switzerland and they have exclusive rights for 2022 FIFA World Cup in Switzerland. They will be producing traditional TV coverage as well as online streams via their streaming portal and mobile application. SRG SSR is one of the finest broadcasters of World Cup. We guide you through how you can watch live streams of World Cup via SRG SSR from anywhere in the world.

How To Watch Live Stream Of FIFA World Cup 2022 Matches On SRG SSR?

all you need is to make an free account at the official website of SRG SSR and it will give you access to all three language channels online streams.

SRG SSR is free-to-air channel inside Switzerland. They have exclusive rights for all 64 FIFA World Cup 2022 matches and will be producing live coverage in Switzerland both on TV and via their online streams. The best part being SRG SSR will be producing live streams in three different languages. German, French and Italian.

SRG SSR will broadcast world cup matches on their three channels. In three different languages. all three of them are free for inside Switzerland.

French-language RTS2

German-language SRF2

Italian-language RSI2

All three channels can be accessed with single SRG SSR account login-details. This is the best live streaming portal if you want to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 online.

Watching SRG SSR Outside The Switzerland

SRG SSR live streams are free for Switzerland residents but they are geo-blocked outside Switzerland. However anybody can make an account with SRG SSR as we tested and it worked 100%. But the streaming portal itself is geo-blocked and live streams wont start if SRG SSR detects you IP address to be outside Switzerland.

How Does it Works ?

To unlock the streams you just simply have to use VPN account which costs around $5 to $7 a month. Change you IP address to Switzerland and now you have unlocked all three channels under SRG SSR network. You are able to watch uninterrupted online coverage of FIFA World Cup from official sources with option in three different languages.

  • Buy an VPN account.
  • Download the VPN on your device
  • Connect to the Switzerland servers.
  • Visit website in your browser. Create an free account
  • Now login with the account you just created
  • Use one of the three channels (RTS2, SRF2 or RSI) online streaming portals to watch world cup live from anywhere in the world.
  • Just make sure you are connected to Switzerland IP address while accessing Play-Suisse online streaming service.

This is the full proof 100% working guide you can use to access SRG SSR coverage of world cup from Switzerland. Same trick you can use to watch the World Cup via German network ZDF & ARG or United Kingdom coverage of BBC & ITV from the UK. The main-ingredient here is VPN account which is needed to bypass geo-blocked content.

So instead of looking for crappy free live streaming links, you can use this methods to watch live streams from official sources for less then $7 a month using VPN.

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