How To Stream FIFA World Cup On SBS On-Demand Streaming From Outside Australia

FIFA World Cup SBS

SBS has exclusive FIFA World Cup 2022 in Australia and they will be producing live coverage on both their traditional TV channels available free for Australian residents as well as via their official Online Streaming platforms. All 64 matches will be showing live on TV and their On-demand online platform absolutely free for Australian residents.

However SBS on-demand streaming platform is geo-blocked outside Australia. But with a simple trick you can unlock the content and watch SBS during world cup uninterrupted from anywhere in the world. We guide you through it.

How To Watch SBS Coverage of FIFA World Cup 2022 From Anywhere In the World ?

SBS official online streaming platform called on-demand streaming will have all 64 games shown live on its platform. But since this setup is region-locked due to broadcasting rights, people from outside Australia can not access the coverage normally. However if you can change you IP address to Australia you can basically use SBS on-demand streams free from anywhere.

How Does It Works ?

as you can see in the illustration on the right, if you try to access SBS online platform from outside Australia you wont be able to access. However if you just change your IP address to Australia you are good to go. So how do you change you IP address ?. All you have to do is buy an VPN account which cost around $5 to $7 a month.

  • Buy an VPN account from one of the trusted VPN providers. ExpressVPN and NordVPN are two of the giants in industry. We actually test both and we highly recommended ExpressVPN.
  • Once you buy the VPN account, just download their app or browser extension via their official website.
  • Install the VPN app/extension and connect to the Australia server/ip address inside the VPN app.
  • Now visit
  • Create a free account on SBS platform with your name, email, Birth year and Gender.
  • Now you will be able to access SBS on-demand streams from anywhere in the world for absolutely free.

this is a live example of how it will look like once you have unlocked SBS on-demand platform with the help of VPN. The screenshot above was taken by ourselves after unlocking SBS from outside Australia.

SBS World Cup Coverage Details:

Now that you know how to unlock SBS from outside Australia. We explain what to expect in the coverage actually.

SBS will broadcast every single world cup game live both on their TV and via on-demand streaming platform which we discussed earlier and helped you unlock from anywhere.

Coverage starts 30 minute before every match, and 1 hour before every match where Australia national football team is involved.

Pre-match and post match shows will be hosted by Richard Bayliss and Niav Owens. While expert panel will include the likes of Martin Tyler, Richard Bayliss and Craig Foster. While the local experts include Sarah Walsh and Mark Bosnich.

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