How To Stream FIFA World Cup 2022 Live Online via ITV HUB

ITV is the state owned TV network in the UK which is free-to-air if you are in the countries falling under the UK rule. That include England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. ITV has been sharing live coverage of some of the biggest sports events alongside another free-to-air uk channel BBC. FIFA World Cup 2022 coverage is no different and as both channels will share the tournament coverage in the UK.

Since FIFA World Cup 2010, ITV and BBC are producing live coverage not only on their TV Channels but also via their online streaming platforms. BBC’s iPlayer and ITV’s HUB are available both online through their official websites and as downloadable official apps. Both networks will get 32 matches of world cup each to broadcast to UK audience.

Since both the channels are free to air and produce the best coverage of World Cup, Olympics and other big sporting event users from outside the UK want to see these events via BBC and ITV feeds. We guide you through how you can watch ITV hub live streams online from anywhere in the world.

Streaming ITV HUB Coverage Of FIFA World Cup 2022 From Outside the UK.

ITV Hub streams on their website and via their mobile applications are free to all uk audience. However they are geo-restricted which means users from outside the UK can not access the streams. But there is one full proof way you can actually bypass the restriction and watch the world cup on their best coverage thanks to ITV Hub.

Legal way to access ITV Hub streams from anywhere in the world:

If you are reading this guide you are most probably not in the UK but want to watch World Cup coverage via ITV. So you are at the right place.

ITV Hub is the online platform which live stream everything which is shown live on ITV channels in the UK. ITV hub website can be access via PC or Laptops. While the mobile users and other devices (smartTV, Consoles) can download the ITV Hub application and access live coverage.

Since streams on ITV website and application are geo restricted you would need to change your IP address to UK. Once you do that, you are absolutely fooling the system that you are UK resident and will be allowed the watch anything streamed on ITV platforms for absolutely free.

So how can I change my IP Address to get ITV Coverage ?

VPN is your friend in this case. VPN is one of the most popular software/Application which is used by millions to not only protect their privacy online but also to unblock geo-restricted content.

Follow the steps below to get World Cup 2022 Coverage via ITV HUB legally with help of VPN.

  • 1). Buy an VPN account. (we recommend ExpressVPN it cost just $5 a month).
  • 2). Download VPN app on your device you will be using to access ITV hub coverage.
  • 3). After downloading and Installing the app, open it and select UK as their IP address.
  • 4). Once connected to UK IP, visit ITV Hub website or download their application and start watching the biggest sporting event called FIFA World Cup.

ExpressVPN – #1 Recommended VPN

✅ We used ExpressVPN to unlock ITV Hub from outside the UK and it worked nice through out our test where we streamed ITV hub continuously for 1 hour.

✅ We highly recommend ExpressVPN if you are looking to watch the world cup on both BBC iplayer and ITV hub. Right now it comes with 3 extra months if you buy the yearly plan costing you just $6.67 a month. Which will ensure you can watch even Champions League and Premier League via official sources after world cup.

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