FIFA World Cup 2022 Kickoff Times (Worldwide)

FIFA World Cup 2022 starts on Friday, 20th November 2022 with the lavish opening ceremony followed by the opening match between hots Qatar and Ecuador which will the only match of the day. However from Saturday, 21 November we will have four matches each day on fixed kickoff times throughout the tournament. We breakdown FIFA World Cup Kickoff time slots here.

FIFA World Cup kickoff times worldwide

FIFA World Cup 2022 Kickoff Time Slots:

There are four time slots where matches will kickoff. The kickoff times are fixed so that broadcasters around the world cup arrange programs and coverage accordingly. Also it give good idea for spectators who are traveling to matches to arrange their trips.

There are basically four times slots, Afternoon, evening, night and late night kickoffs. When there are four matches on the day

  • First match will start at 13:00 local Qatar time that is 11:00 am UK time and 05:00 am eastern time in the US.
  • Second match will kickoff at 16:00 Qatar time, 14:00 UK time and 08:00 am EST US time.
  • Third kickoff will be at 19:00 Qatar time, 17:00 UK time and 11:00 am EST US time.
  • Fourth Kickoff will be at 22:00 Qatar time, 20:00 UK time and 13:00 EST US time
First Match13:00 Qatar / 11:00 UK / 05:00 US
Second Match16:00 Qatar / 13:00 UK / 08:00 US
Third Match19:00 Qatar / 17:00 UK / 11:00 US
Fourth Match22:00 Qatar / 20:00 UK / 13:00 US

Knockouts will feature same kickoff times. During the knockout first two slots won’t be used as only two matches will be taking place on the day. Which means only 19:00 Qatar / 17:00 UK / 11:00 US and 22:00 Qatar / 20:00 UK / 13:00 US slots will be used.

As for the full schedule we have listed each and every world cup matches according to date, time and group wise scheduling.

World Cup Schedule

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