Football’s Longest Running National Team Kit Deals

In the world of football, There are some things that seem like they have been there since the beginning. National team kit deals are on one of those things. Since the start, National team kits are only supplied by their respective brands for many years. Today we will see Longest National Team Kit Deals in football.

Longest National Team Kit Deals

The longest national team kit deals partnership is dominated by the big three sports brands of Adidas, Nike, and Puma. Even though, Nike entered the market in the early 1990s. They swooshed several long-standing deals on this list. Other brands may have lost their deal with respective nations but Nike rarely lost any of the sponsored nations, such as Brazil, Portugal, and South Korea.

However, Puma and Adidas are in the sponsorship business for a long time. That’s the reason the two Longest running National Team Kit Deals in football belong to Adidas and Puma.

2). Germany- Adidas | 42 Years

Germany and Adidas kit deal partnership is the longest-running contract in the history of national team level. The deal was eventually started in the 1954 world cup. However, The brand logo first appeared on the jersey in 1980. The brand owner, Erima was the first to stamp its logo in many of the 60, 70. However, in 1980, the three strips of Adidas first appeared.

1). Austria- Puma | 46 Years

The Puma and Austrian Football Association signed the first kit deal contract in 1974. The deal was to supply a national team kit deal without a brand logo. But in 1976, two years later after the original deal, The deal was revised and the Logo of Puma “The black Big cat” was present on the shirts themselves. Since 1976, it has been 46 years and Puma is still the sponsor of Austria national team kits.

20 Longest Running National Team Kit Deals

RankNational TeamKit SupplierDuration
1AustriaPuma46 years
2GermanyAdidas42 years
3SpainAdidas 31 years
4Czech RepublicPuma28 years
5EcuadorMarathon27 years
6 United StatesNike27 years
7HungaryAdidas27 years
8NetherlandsNike27 years
9South KoreaNike26 years
10BrazilNike25 years
11PortugalNike25 years
12Honduras Joma24 years
13Switzerland Puma24 years
14Japan Adidas23 years
15EstoniaNike22 years
16MoldaviaJako22 years
17ArgentinaAdidas21 years
18CroatiaNike21 years
19LatviaAdidas20 years
20ItalyPuma19 years

Which sportswear brand and national team relation is the most iconic in football? Can you imagine teams like Germany and Spain not playing with Adidas kits? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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