Jules Rimet Trophy History: Story behind the first World Cup Trophy and Where Is It Now ?

FIFA World Cup Trophy is widely regarded as the most iconic trophy in sports. Made of gold, lifting it has become pinnacle of any footballer in the world. FIFA World Cup trophy was first introduced back in 1930 before the first ever World Cup and every world cup winner got the replica trophy and original was kept by FIFA. In 1970 a new trophy was introduced which is the current one. We take a look at history of world cup trophies.

Jules Rimet Trophy (Victory) History:

The first every world cup trophy was introduced before the 1930 FIFA World Cup. The trophy was designed by Abel Lafleur (a French sculptor).

Gold and sterling silver material: The trophy was made of mostly gold-plated sterling silver while the base of the trophy was made of lapis lazuli where names of World Cup winners were engraved.

Originally named as “Victory”: Winged figure at the center of trophy with her hands raised was sign of “victory” and that is where this trophy got its first name. “The Victory”

Renamed after FIFA president: In 1946, the trophy was renamed in the honor of former FIFA president Jules Rimet who was the central figure in organizing the first every world cup.

Brazil got the original trophy after their third world cup win: As the 1930 fifa rule stated, any team who win the world cup three times will get to keep the trophy and when Brazil won their third world cup in 1970, the original trophy was handed to them which is now sit in the museum in Sao Paulo. FIFA introduced the new trophy in 1970 and that the new trophy’s original copy will always stay with FIFA and world cup winners will only get the replicas.

[ In 1970 FIFA introduced the new trophy and the rule that winning world cup three times that nation get to keep the trophy ]

Jules Rimet Trophy Back At The FIFA Museum:

FIFA announced in July, 2018 that the original Jules Rimet trophy has returned to FIFA Museum and Brazil will only get to keep the replica.

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