10 Biggest Team Rivalries In FIFA World Cup

No doubt, football is the most loved and watched sport in the world with a fan base in billions around the globe. And the craze of world cup event has cast a spell over the people and they are eagerly waiting for the live action. As the event is now getting closer, the heat between the teams and fans regarding their arch rivalries is increasing. We bring you 10 biggest World Cup Rivalries heading into the 2022 FIFA tournament.

Top Arch Rivalries To Watch At FIFA World Cup

Top Arch Rivalries To Watch At FIFA World Cup 2022

All the rivalries between the teams have some historical basis and depending upon them, the level of rivalry between the teams decided. We have sorted some of the best competitions to watch at the mega event, taking place in Qatar. The dates and venue of the matches along with the fixtures confirmed. The tournament is starting from November 20 while the final will take place on December 19, 2022.

Let’s have a look at some of the top arch rivalries to watch at FIFA World Cup 2022.

Spain vs Portugal

Spain vs Portugal rivalry is very deep and has roots dating back to 15th centuries. The King Of Portugal died with no heir and the succession crisis resulted in the illegal invasion of Portugal by Spain and the rivalry started. Thus, both nations are one of the oldest and toughest contenders for each other with a long football history, dominated by Spain.

Portugal and Spain met in the 2010 world cup where the Spanish side earned the victory with 1-0 as the single goal is scored by David Villa. Again these teams met in the 2018 world cup where the match ended as a draw with 3-3 score. Now, it is possible that these two will renew their rivalry as Portugal is present in Group H and Spain in Group E. If both teams qualify for the round of 16 and won their matches, they will meet each other in Match 60 at Al Thumama Stadium, the 3rd quarter-final of FIFA World Cup 2022.

Argentina vs Brazil

One of the most insane rivalry of football universe exists between Argentina and Brazil as it dated back to the world wars and other political issues.. Brazil has a brilliant track record at world cup stage as they have 5 world cup titles, slightly edging the Italian side who are at number 2 with 4 titles in their bag.

The other rivalry reason represents the 1990 world cup incident where a Brazilian player accused the Argentina side for giving him tranquilizers. Argentina knocked out Brazil that year and the rivalry increased. Now fans are looking for another competition as the competitiveness between these two football giants will increase the TV rating by making the tournament exciting.

Argentina is present in Group C of world cup while Brazil is in Group G. Thus, they will not come across each other at group stage. If both teams will go winning their matches and reach the knockout stage, they will meet each other may be in the semis or final also.

Iran vs USA

The rivalry between Iran and USA way back to 1979, when Islamic Resolution passed in Iran. America hasn’t accepted the change and the 2 nations become arch rivals later on. After a long political war and military issues, the hate increased. The last time Iran and USA met, was in the 1998 World Cup where they exchanged flower before the kickoff. Iran had an astonishing win over the United States with a score of 2-1.

Both teams are place in Group B alongside with Ukraine and mighty England. Both teams will come across each other on November 29. While Al Thumama Stadium, Doha is the host venue of the match. Thus, it will be interesting to see how the classical competition of Iran vs United States will make the tournament fiery.

Ghana vs Uruguay

Ghana vs Uruguay rivalry has not any political basis. However, they are also considered rivals and fans are expecting a great contest between them. It will be a revenge time for the African side as they two last faced each other at 2010 FIFA World Cup at Johannesburg. Uruguay forward Luis Suarez stopped the brilliant header of Dominic Adiyiah with his hand intentionally.

Ghana got the penalty kick but it was missed by Asamoah Gyan and South American side went on to make their way to the semi-finals. Now, both teams are present in Group H with Portugal and South Korea. Ghana vs Uruguay will take place on December 2 at Al Janoub Stadium in the match number 45.

Argentina vs England

The deep roots of enmity always makes the competition between Argentina and England exciting and fiery. Primarily, the 1982 Falklands War created a huge tension between the two nations. Besides this, the 1986 tournament quarter-final has also ignited the rage when Maradona made a goal through his hand. Thus, the English side failed to win the match and eliminated form the tournament.

The last meeting occurred in 2002 world cup where England posed a crushing defeat on Argentina with a 1-0 lead. Now, there are possibilities that both nations will again come across each other after 20 years in the mega event. England is in Group B while Argentina is in Group C. Thus, if these 2 will make a good gameplay at group stage, they will possibly come across each other at the later stages of tournament.

Germany vs Netherlands

These 2 countries have last faced each other at the mega event in the final of 1974 FIFA World Cup. Germany went on winning the tournament with a 2-1 score. Although it may seem to be the cause of rivalry between them but the fact is other. The conflict between the German and Dutch roots back to the World War 2.

After the invasion, Netherlands faced the consequences in the form of slow economic development. Thus, the deep rivalry has also affected the football and now they are one of the top arch rivals. Netherlands is in Group A of world cup 2022 while Germany is present in Group E. Thus, they will not see each other at group stage. However, if the two sides went on winning the group matches and then win the round of 16 and quarterfinal match, they will come across each other in the Match 61. It will be the semi-final and knockout stage will add more fuel to the fire.

Portugal vs Argentina

It’s crazy seeing Argentina again in the list for the third time. However, their is no historical basis to this rivalry. But the fans want to see these two nations coming across each other due to their favorite stars. Argentina has football GOAT Lionel Messi while Portugal is captained by the legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

Thus, the ultimate rivalry of who is best between Ronaldo and Messi has also set the stage between football teams and it will be a must game to watch. Most probably, both players are playing their last world cup event. Portugal is placed in Group H while Argentina is in Group C. If both teams win their group stage matches, they will surely come across each other at the later stage of the tournament. And nothing tastes better than seeing these 2 sides playing the final of the mega contest.

All these are the details about the top rivalries to watch at FIFA World Cup 2022. The tournament is starting from November 20 and will end on December 19. Qatar is the host however, the fans can watch the matches live across the globe as FIFA has signed numerous broadcasting deals. Thus, you can easily the FIFA World Cup live stream. If there is any change in the details, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!

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