Top 10 Best Official And Unofficial Songs In The History Of FIFA World Cup

10 Top Official And Unofficial Songs In The History Of FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is a very tremendously famous event that comes after every 4 years. FIFA is the main reason for the craziness of football in the entire world.

Every time, FIFA brings remarkable moments that you can’t forget. The official songs and anthems are one of them. 

The song “Waka Waka” sets a great example here and we are sure that you hear it once in your life even if you are not a fan of football.

But, did you know there are several official and unofficial songs in the history of the FIFA World Cup that you may not know!

Here in this blog post, I have covered the list of those historical and famous officials and unofficial songs that you may probably want to know!

Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Surprisingly, some of these songs are not even available on Youtube.
  • The FIFA World Cup song “We Are One” has more than 814 million views on youtube.
  • FIFA anthems and songs are released in several languages

Top 10 FIFA World Cup Songs: Official & Unofficial

1 – “La La La” By Shakira & Carlinhos Brown (2014)

The first song on our top of the list is “La La La” for the World Cup hosted in Brazil in 2014.

You will be surprised to know that this single song has got more than 1.4 billion views on Youtube and become the #1 FIFA World Cup song because of its music and video creativity.

The views of this song are less than “Waka Waka” but, if you compare the uploading time, then it is pretty fast.

2 – “Waka Waka” (This Time For Africa) By Shakira

The official World Cup track for the 2010 World Cup is Waka Waka by Shakira.

There is no doubt that it is a world-famous FIFA World Cup song that has used a pulsing beat to drive home fun and lighthearted groove while Shakira’s vocals are balancing upbeat and positivity.

However, it was the first song of Shakira that got a huge success before the Song “La La” for the Brazilian World Cup.

Moreover, the total views on this song go more than 3 billion which is quite impressive.

3 – “Wavin Flag (Coca Cola Celebration Mix)” 2010

The number three song on our list is “Wavin Flag” which was originally recorded by a famous Somali hip-hop singer reggae fusion artist Kanan.

This song has really a long life as it has got plenty of remakes and new versions.

Many artists and musicians have contributed to remaking this song such as Drake & Avril Lavigne, and a charity group of the young artist for Haiti following the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

4 – “World In Motion” By New Order (1990)

This track is an unofficial song of the World Cup back in 1990. 

Listening to this song means that you are taking yourself in the time when Los Ramblers composed the official anthem “El Rock Del Mundial”.

Luckily, this song achieved a number of hits!

5 – “El Rock Del Mundial” By Los Ramblers (1962)

Everything has a beginning and when it comes to FIFA World Cup anthems, then El Raquel Mundial is the beginning of anthems.

It is the 7th World Cup track released in 1962. Although, the singer of this song is a true combination of old-fashioned rock and roll which somehow all worked perfectly at that time.

6 – “Un’ Estate Italiana” By Edoardo Bennato & Gianna Nannini

This song was co-written by Giorgio Moroder who is a famous pop songwriter back in the 1970s.

The Anthem that Moroder wrote for the 1990 Italian World Cup got a chance to be performed by Gianna Nannini and Edoardo Bennato.

Back in the ages, this song had remarkable success because although it is an unofficial song still managed to win the spotlight.

7 – “Anthem” By Vangelis

Vangelis is famous but moody for his soundtrack work as he had a successful career after contributing the instrumental anthem to the Korean Japanese World Cup in 2002.

This song has an official title of “Anthem” and is available in an orchestral and electronic medium.

8 – “We Are One” By Pitbull & Jennifer Lopez

The song “We Are One” is the most listening song on our list that has more than 814 million views on Youtube only. 

Pitbull composed this song and also featured Jennifer Lopez as well as Claudia Leyte.

We are not sure why FIFA decided that the 2014 Brazilian World Cup was a bomb of groove beats.

Unexpectedly, it turns out to be great and the feel of this song makes anyone dance in their seats even if they don’t know how to dance.

In general, this song is a dance anthem that shows unity among several countries in a single place.

However, it is also one of the most exciting songs in the FIFA World Cup.

9 – “Glory Land” By Daryl Hall & Sounds Of Blackness

Daryl Hall is the composer of the “Gloryland” song who collaborated with the Sounds Of Blackness. It’s a 1994 World Cup song and if you are a fan of football, then you may probably know it.

This song is closely associated with the heart of American fans because the United States organized the 1994 World Cup.

However, the melody of this song had similar vocals to the Battle Hymn of the Republic to some extent.

But, still, it evokes mental images of America’s heartland.

10 – “The Time Of Our lives” By El Devo & Toni Braxton

“The Time Of Our Lives” is a popular World Cup composed by el Devo and Toni Braxton. 

This song has brought classical vocal icons el Devo and an American singer & songwriter.

This song was used during the World Cup of 2006 hosted in Germany. 

The interesting thing about the feel of this song is that it takes back to 90s music flair.

However, this official song is a true masterpiece of two different genres that attract and attach your emotions to football.

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