1954 FIFA World Cup

The 4th edition of FIFA World Cup held in Brazil. Event played between June 24 to July 16, after 12 years of the previous world cup. World War 2 caused the cancellation of World Cup 1942 and 1946. It was the first edition when FIFA trophy was named as Jules Rimet Cup to honor the 25th anniversary of Jules Rimet’s presidency of FIFA. Here we have the historical recap of FIFA World Cup 1950.

FIFA World Cup 1950

Host Selection

The host selection was decided in the press conference held by FIFA in 1946. Germany and Brazil were on the top to bid for the hosting of the tournament. Brazil presented the same bid as were for the 1942 world cup. FIFA quickly accepted the bid and Brazil set to host the event in 1950 instead of suggested year of 1949.

Qualified Teams Of FIFA World Cup 1950

At first, 16 teams decided to fight for the trophy as they qualified for the world cup. Before the start of the event, 3 teams withdrew from the mega event. India, Scotland, and Turkey were the teams who withdrew from World Cup. Turkey left the tournament due to the financial crisis as they cannot meet the travel expenses to South America. Thus, only 13 teams participated in the contest for the world cup trophy. The teams were

  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • England
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Paraguay
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United States
  • Uruguay
  • Yugoslavia

While Turkey, India and Scotland withdrew from the tournament after getting qualified due to some reasons.

1950 World Cup Format

Brazilian organizers made a change in the format and divided the team in to 4 groups called pools for the first time. Each team will play three games before entering into the knockout stage. This format guarantee thirty matches thus help generating more revenue for the organizers. FIFA resisted this format, however accepted it after after Brazil threatened to reject hosting. The matches was reduced to 22 after the withdrawal of 3 teams from the mega event.

Stadiums & Venues

6 stadiums selected to host the world cup matches in 6 cities. Estádio do Maracanã hosted the final of world cup 1950.

  • do Maracanã | Rio de Janeiro | Capacity (200,000)
  • do Pacaembu | São Paulo City | Capacity (60,000)
  • Sete de Setembro | Belo Horizonte | Capacity (30,000)
  • dos Eucaliptos | Porto Alegre | Capacity (20,000)
  • Ilha do Retiro | Recife | Capacity (20,000)
  • Vila Capanema | Curitiba | Capacity (10,000)

Group Stage Matches

The teams were divided into the 4 groups to play a double round tournament for qualifying into the semis. Each team thus played 3 matches in total in group matches. The top team qualified for the final group matches.

Semi Final

In the semi finals, the winners from the quarter finals faced each other to get a seat in the decider of the tournament. Brazil defeated Spain while Uruguay dominated Sweden after having a wonderful gameplay to qualify for the final.

Third Place

Spain and Sweden came across each other for the third place match as they both get defeated in the semi finals. Sweden dominated Spain with the 3-1 score.


The final of the 1950 world cup was held between Uruguay and Brazil where the host get defeated. Thus, Uruguay became the champion of 4th edition of FIFA world cup.

That’s all about the history of FIFA World Cup 1950. World cup 2022 match schedule announced. Further details will be available here.

Who Won 1954 Fifa World Cup?

West Germany

How many teams in FIFA World Cup 1954?

16 teams

Who is Golden Boot Winner in 1950 FIFA World Cup?

Sandor Kocsis

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