1938 FIFA World Cup | Austria With Draw | Numbers on Shirts Used First Time | Last Edition With Straight knockout Format

1938 FIFA World Cup

The 1938 world cup take place in France. The event dates which are announced, 4-19 June, 1938. Total 16 teams qualified for the competition from 4 confederations. 18 matches played in the tournament. 1938 FIFA World Cup 3rd edition include more teams than previous two world cups. It’s for the first time when Numbers were used on the back of team shirts.

1938 FIFA World Cup Qualified Teams :

The confirmed teams that were qualified for the FIFA world cup 1938 edition were 16 but before it began, Austria with draw and competition held between only 15 teams. Anschluss is the reason behind Austria withdraw. Anschluss well known as (the annexation of Austria into Nazi Germany on 12 March 1938). Spain could not make to the world cup since (Spanish Civil War) on going at that time.

1938 FIFA World Cup Format & Schedule :

The knockout format which is introduce in 1934 world cup retain for the 3rd edition. If the match tied until 90 minutes, then 30 more minutes added to the match. If the extra time ended without goals, than match will be replayed. Its reported that, 3rd edition world cup will be only where (straight knockout format) will be used.

FIFA World Cup 3rd Edition Stadiums :

In the upcoming world cup, in France 1938, there are 10 venues in 9 cities suggested to host the 3rd edition of the world cup.

  • Colombes | Stade Olympique de Colombes | Capacity (60k)
  • Marseille | Stade Vélodrome | Capacity (48k)
  • Paris | Parc des Princes | Capacity (40k)
  • Strasbourg | Stade de la Meinau | Capacity (30k)
  • Le Havre | Stade Municipal | Capacity (22k)
  • Remis | Vélodrome Municipal | Capacity (21k)
  • Toulouse | Stade du T.O.E.C. | Capacity (15k)
  • Lille | Stade Victor Boucquey | Capacity (15k)
  • Anitbes | Stade du Fort Carré | Capacity (7k)

Group Stages :

There are no group stages included in the FIFA world cup 1938, teams straight qualified for knockout round, the winning eight teams will moved to next round while other eight will leave France after being knockout.

Semi Finals :

Italy knockout the hosts of FIFA World Cup in 1938, in the quarter finals made their place in semi finals where the play Brazil, to whom Italy defeated 2-1 goals difference. In the 2nd semi finals Sweden suffer defeat from Hungary by 5-1 goals.

Third Place Match :

Brazil managed to defeat Sweden by 4-2 goals claim the third place in the 1938 world cup 3rd edition.

Final Match :

The final of the 1938 FIFA World Cup take place between Italy and Hungary. The match won by the team of Italy on 4-2 goals difference.

More FAQS About 1938 World Cup :

Who Won 1938 Fifa World Cup?


Who with draw from FIFA World Cup in 1938?


How many teams in FIFA World Cup 1938?


How many Teams in qualifiers of FIFA World Cup 1938?


Top teams Who could become part of 1938 FIFA World Cup ?

Argentina, England, Spain, Uruguay

Who is Golden Boot Winner in 1938 FIFA World Cup?

Leonidas (from Brazil team)

Which Format set for FIFA World Cup 1938 ?

Straight knockout, replays for drawn matches

The Innovation ideas for FIFA World Cup 1938?

The hosts and holders automatically qualified for the first time
Numbered shirts were used for the first time

Major Controversies of 1938 FIFA World Cup 1938

Austria qualified but had to withdraw after they were annexed by Germany in March 1938

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