1934 FIFA World Cup (Italy)

The 1934 FIFA World Cup was the 2nd edition of the world cup event. The event took place in Italy on May 10, 1934. A total of 16 teams participated in the event. The event was hosted in 8 cities. Reigning champions Uruguay boycotted the tournament as only four European teams had accepted their invitation to the 1930 tournament. Italy eventually manage to win the 1934 FIFA world cup. Now let’s take a look at Italy’s first-ever world cup win and their road to becoming Champions.

1934 FIFA World Cup Teams

Unlike the 1930 WorldCup, 36 countries applied to enter the world cup event. So, qualifying matches were played to thin the field to 16. However, Defending winners Uruguay denied to enter the event in protest at the refusal of several European countries to travel to South America for the previous World Cup, which Uruguay had hosted in 1930.

Despite being the Host country, Italy still went to the qualifying round. it was the only time when the host needed to clear the qualifying round. Out of 16 places, 12 were allocated to 12 Europe, three were filled by South America, and one was allowed to Africa or Asia. Egypt became the first African team to qualify for a World Cup finals tournament.

The following 16 teams qualified for the final tournament.

  • Argentina
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Czechoslovakia
  • Egypt
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Italy (hosts)
  • Netherlands
  • Romania
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United States

10 of these teams made their first World Cup appearance. This included 9 of the 12 European teams. 

1934 FIFA World Cup Format & Schedule

16 teams were pooled into Knockout matches. The group stage, that was used in the first World Cup was discarded in favor of a straight knockout tournament. The additional rule was, If a match was tied after ninety minutes, then thirty minutes of extra time were played. If the score was still tied after extra time, the match was replayed the next day.

Then winners of KO matches went to play the quarterfinals and then the semifinals. The winner of the semifinal played the final while losing semifinalists contested the third-place playoff.

FIFA World Cup Stadiums

Eight stadiums were used to host the world cup matches. All eight stadiums were located in 8 different venues.

  • 1). Stadio San Siro (Milan)
  • 2). Stadio Littoriale (Bologna)
  • 3). Estadio Nazionale PNF (Rome)
  • 4). Stadio Giovanni Berta (Florence)
  • 5). Stadio Littorio (Trieste)
  • 6). Estadio Benito Mussolini (Turin)
  • 7). Stadio Luigi Ferraris (Genoa)
  • 8). Stadio Giorgio Ascarelli (Naples)

Semifinals & Final Match

#1. Italy 1-0 Austria

The first semifinal was played at Stadio San Siro, Milan. The match was played on June 3, 1934. The host nation took the early lead in the 19th minute. The goal was scored by Forowadr Enrique Guaita. Attendance was 35000, rooting for Italy. Italy defended the 1 goal lead and qualified for the Final.

#2. Czechoslovakia 3-1 Germany

The second semifinal was played at Stadio Nazionale PNF, Rome. The match was played on June 3, 1934. The game proved to be a clash of styles, with a more technical Czechoslovakia facing a physical German side. However, the Czech pass through the semifinal by scoring three goals. Oldrich Nejedly scored all three goals on the goal sheet. The goals came at 21, 69, 80th minute. Germany only managed to score one goal.

Final Match: Italy 2-1 Czechoslovakia

Italy national team Posing for Photo before the start of Final

Unlike the 1930 Worldcup event, this time both teams represent the European flag in the final. The Stadium of the National Fascist Party, Rome was the venue for the final. With 71minutes played, the Czechoslovaks forward Puc give the 1-0. After the end of the 80th minute, The Italian winger Orsi out the team on a goalscorer sheet. at the final whistle, the score was 1-1-. However, In extra-time play, Schiavio out Italian back on the score sheet lead Italy to be crowned World Cup winners. The score was 2-1.

Top Goal Scorers

With five goals, Oldrich Nejedly was the top scorer in the tournament. Total 70, goals were scored by 45 players, with none of them credited as their own goal.

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