Top 10 Most Famous Handball Incidents In Football World Cup | Maradona Scored the Goal Of Century In World Cup 1986 Against England

FIFA World Cup occurs once in 4 years and is the most anticipated tournament of world sports. There occur thrilling competitions in the mega event as every team delivers its best to win the game. However some moments make these matches memorable. Some players do cheating to ease their way to win. Among them, there are handball incidents that are most famous in world cup contests. Here we will discuss these top 10 moments that happened by chance or intentionally.

World Cup Handball Incidents

Famous World Cup Handball Incidents

Almost in every world cup, there are the handball events in which players tried to stop the ball with their arms and hands. Some players got red card and some were sent out of the ground as a punishment. Among the top ones are Sanchez, Henry, and Maradona.

Djalma Santos

  • Nationality | Brazil
  • Match | Brazil vs Czechoslovakia
  • World Cup| 1962

Santos touched the ball intentionally to prevent Czech from winning their first ever world cup. Brazil was ahead with the lead of 2-1, and there are chances that Czech will level the goals as they were striking the ball continuously with great power and skills. Just before twenty minutes of the finishing of game, Santos stopped the ball with his hand to prevent the goal from the opponents.

The referee couldn’t get the notice of the incidence and Czech lost the match with 3-1 and ran out of the tournament without winning their maiden cup.

Joe Jordan

  • Nationality | Scotland
  • Match | Scotland vs Wales
  • World Cup| 1977

The incidence occurred in a world cup qualifier between Scotland and Wales in 1977. The game was at its peak as both teams have not scored a single goal until the last ten minutes of the match. Eventually, Jordan handed the ball while taking it from David Jones. Instead of giving warning to the Scottish player, the referee thought that it was a mistake of Jones. Thus, he gave penalty kick to the Scottish player and they converted it into the goal to win the match.

Mario Kempes

  • Nationality | Argentina
  • Match | Argentina vs Poland
  • World Cup| 1978

The Argentinian boxer punched the ball to defend Poland from scoring a goal. It was a match between Poland and Argentina when Kempes made a lead in the first half. However, Poland made an epic comeback in the 2nd round and kicked the ball so well that Kempes had to stop the ball with hand to save a goal. Poland got penalty kick but they missed to score a goal. Later, Kempes doubled the Argentina’s goal to win the match.

Diego Maradona

  • Nationality | Argentina
  • Match | Argentina vs England
  • World Cup| 1986

Maradona is one of the iconic player of the football world having millions of fans around the globe. In a match between Argentina and England in world cup 1986, Maradona scored the goal by using the outside of his hand. While chasing Steve Hodge, he jumped above Peter Shilton and put the ball in the goal post with his hand. Luckily, the referee couldn’t be able to locate the hand kick and Argentina made their way to win the match. That goal is famous as the Goal Of The Century.

Diego Maradona

  • Nationality | Argentina
  • Match | Argentina vs USSR
  • World Cup| 1990

Maradona was again the part of the list as he again stopped the ball with his hand in 1990 world cup. It was a match between USSR and Argentina in 1990 world cup. Maradona blocked the ball near the goal post to prevent the opponent from scoring the goal. The most hated referee of all times, Erik Frederiksson was officiating the match. He didn’t give penalty or red card to Maradona thus they made their way to the win.

Torsten Frings

  • Nationality | Germany
  • Match | Germany vs United States
  • World Cup| 2002

USA dominated Germany in the first half of this match however failed to score the goal. But, Germany suddenly made an effective move as Michael Ballack scored the goal with his astonishing header. However, in the next half, United States made a strong comeback and tried their best to score a goal. They were very close to success when Frings prevent the ball from getting into the goal with his hand. Thus, US ended up the match with a heart breaking defeat of 1-0.

Thierry Henry

  • Nationality | France
  • Match | France vs Ireland
  • World Cup| 2009

It was a qualifier game for the FIFA world cup 2010 between France and Ireland. There was extra time given for the game as both teams have scored 1-1 goal. Eventually, Henry stopped the ball with his hand on the kick of William Gallas. The match was gone in the favor of France while Ireland ended without qualifying for the world cup.

Luis Fabiano

  • Nationality | Brazil
  • Match | Brazil vs Ivory Coast
  • World Cup| 2010

It was Brazil vs Ivory Coast in 2010 world cup when Brazilian player Luis Fabiano handed the ball 2 times in the game. Brazil won the match with a lead of 3-1 over Ivory Coast although Fabiano was found guilty of the cheating. However, when referee asked him about punching the ball, the footballer denied.

Luis Suarez

  • Nationality | Uruguay
  • Match | Uruguay vs Ghana
  • World Cup| 2010

In the match between Uruguay and Ghana in 2010 world cup, there was a close competition as both teams scored one goal each. Ghana was very close to score the goal at the very last moment. However, Suarez lifted his hand to stop the ball from getting into the goal. The referee gave him red card and match was decided in the penalty kicks where Uruguay won.

Carlos Sanchez

  • Nationality | Colombia
  • Match | Colombia vs Japan
  • World Cup| 2018

Carlos Sanchez, the professional footballer from Colombia also made a mistake by punching the ball. In a match between Colombia vs Japan in 2018 world cup, it was just 3rd minute after the kick off when Sanchez touched the ball. He blocked Shinji Kagawa’s kick with his arm. The referee gave him the red card and Colombia was down to ten players in the very beginning of the game.

Final Verdict

All the incidences have their own amusement however the goal of Maradona against England in 1986 world cup was the most famous one. That’s all about the famous football world cup handball incidents. World Cup 2022 schedule announced. If any other handball incidence occur, we will update the details here. Stay tuned for more information!

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