FIFA World Cup 2022 Warm-up Matches Schedule

FIFA World Cup gets underway on Sunday, 20th November 2022 with the opening game between hosts Qatar against South American side Ecuador. After that every day there will be four matches until the group stage ends on 2nd december 2022. However some of the teams involved in the world cup will be playing couple of warmup matches heading into the world cup.

These matches might not be shown on TV and will server as preparation for the tournament. Below is the list of matches schedule before the world cup starts.

16 NovemberIran vs Tunisia13:00 CET
16 NovemberSaudi Arabia vs Croatia14:00 CET
16 NovemberArgentina vs UAE15:30 CET
16 NovemberAustria vs Andorra17:00 CET
16 NovemberGermany vs Oman17:00 CET
16 NovemberPoland vs Chile19:30 CET
16 NovemberMexico vs Sweden19:30 CET
16 NovemberAlgeria vs Mali19:45 CET
16 NovemberItaly vs Albania19:45 CET
16 NovemberTurkey vs Scotland17:00 CET
17 NovemberSwitzerland vs Ghana10:00 CET
17 NovemberJapan vs Canada13;45 CET
17 NovemberIraq vs Costa Rica14:00 CET
17 NovemberJordan vs Spain16:00 CET
17 NovemberMorocco vs Georgia16:00 CET
17 NovemberPortugal vs Nigeria18:45 CET
17 NovemberRepublic of Ireland vs Norway19:45 CET

You can see the full FIFA Word Cup match schedule from group stages to the final. 48 group games will be played from 20th November to 02 December 2022. 16 knockout matches including the big final will be played from 03 December to 18 December 2022.

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