Top 10 Popular FIFA World Cup Video Games Ever Made

Most likely, football world cup is one of the greatest event in sports universe as players and team from the whole way across the globe take part in the competition. Besides, the broadcasting and television coverage deals have caused expanding the prominence of this tournament by streaming it in the entire world. Besides all these, FIFA has marked multi-million deals with the gaming productions to make world cup games. Here we are giving you the insights concerning the top 10 most famous and popular FIFA World Cup games having incredible designs and picture quality.

Popular FIFA World Cup Video Games

Top 10 Most Popular FIFA World Cup Video Games

The historical backdrop of world cup games traces all the way back to 1986 when FIFA has given the license to U.S. Gold studio for producing exciting games. Later on, EA Sports have advanced toward the business and give a few weighty games to the football fans. That incites the fans interest to get endlessly better graphics. Presently, EA sports releases the games highlighting the FIFA World Cup after every 4 years which includes all the players and participant teams.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 most popular FIFA World Cup video games.

1 – FIFA 18 World Cup Mode

In view of the last world cup which occurred in 2018, EA Sports has sent off another version of the game. It includes all the 32 nations which take part in the competition alongside all the 12 stadiums of Russia. Previously, it was released for the X-Box One and PlayStation 4. Later on, it’s mobile version additionally came in the market as the past one got enormous prevalence among the fans.

The absolute greatest names of football world like Cristiano Ronaldo character is additionally accessible to play with. Moreover, the qualifying round skipped and just the main event is there. Consequently, fans can play with the top teams of the soccer world, which created a strong air of competition and incite the players’ abilities.

2 – 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa (Game)

No other game can give scenes and delight of world cup than 2010 FIFA World Cup game. The tournament occurred in South Africa and it was for the first time in the set of experiences when HD cameras used for streaming. Talking about the game, it incorporates 199 football countries out of the 204 which began playing qualifying round. As it includes every one of the worldwide nations, 2010 FIFA World Cup got a staggering affection and prominence among the fans.

Just 2 Asian and 3 African nations excluded from the gameplay for some copyright issues as FIFA has not allowed the license. EA Sports have placed superb illustrations in this game. all the 10 venues which hosted the tournament are also available in this version. You can play this game on X-Box 360, PlayStation 3 and iOS.

3 – World Cup Italia ’90 (Game)

Seems crazy to see World Cup Italia ’90 at number 3, however it is. Originally produced by Virgin Mastertronic, it was released for the home PCs and highlights the 1990 World Cup contest. Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, DOS and ZX Range can easily run the game as it was officially made for these computers. It was the first game wherein 3D perspective on the game added.

You can play with one of the 4 teams including England, Belgium, Italy or Spain. Although the 3D view is available yet it works just when the player is close to the goal. While the leftover game is introduced in 2D settings and bird’s eye. The format of the game isn’t precisely same as of 1990 tournament. However, it still acquired tremendous popularity and is at number 3 in the rundown of most popular FIFA World Cup video games.

4 – EA Sports World Cup 98

Although it is difficult to play the World Cup 98 game now, however the real football lovers can’t forget this masterpiece. It is the first world cup game released for the PlayStation and Microsoft Windows. The game was an expansion of the previously released Road to World Cup 98 game with some improvements in the graphics and players’ positions. It also involves many teams which couldn’t qualify for the final round.

Moreover, this game includes the famous song Tubthumping, by Chumbawamba which lift the players spirit and makes the game more interesting. Besides, the team schedules menu features the voices of Des Lynam and Gary Lineker. While the match play commentary is done by Kenneth Wolstenholme.

5 – EA FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil (Game)

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is released side by side with FIFA 14 and it features the World Cup, held in Brazil in 2014. A total of 203 national teams have participated in the world cup 2014 and all of them are featured in the game. FIFA has given the license of the game to EA Sports for producing this master-piece.

The game includes all the 12 venues and stadiums which hosted the competitions in the tournament. Moreover, the epic features have made the game play more interesting and provides the endless fun. The game was released for X-Box 360 and PlayStation 3 formerly. However, updates have made it possible to play it on PS4 and X-Box One as well.

#GamesWorld Cup EventReleased For
1FIFA 182018Xbox One, PS4
22010 FIFA World Cup South Africa2010Xbox 360, PS3, iOS
3World Cup Italia ’901990Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST
4World Cup 981998PlayStation, Windows
52014 FIFA World Cup Brazil2014Xbox 360, PS3
62002 FIFA World Cup Korea & Japan2002Xbox, PS2
72006 FIFA World Cup Germany2006Xbox 360, PS2
8World Cup USA ’941994Super Nintendo
9World Cup Carnival1986Amstrad CPC
10Jikkyou World Soccer1998Super Nintendo

FIFA World Cup 2022 Game

Reports revealed that FIFA is looking for another world cup game for a blast of nostalgia and give fans another master-piece. The football governing body is going to launch new game FIFA 23, produced by EA Sports. Most probably, it will have the world cup mode as FIFA is not looking to make a separate game for featuring the world’s top teams.

The game will have all the 32 participant nations and all the stadiums are also available to play. EA Sports have added additional features and improve the graphics quality to make the game more interesting and to provide real football feeling. Qatar is hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022 and it will start from November 20 while the final is on December 19.

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