FIFA World Cup 2022 Match Officials Lists |Michael Oliver, Anthony Taylor, and Benoît Bastien Broke Into The Final List

Six months remain in the Qatar World Cup. Out of 32 teams, 29 teams booked their places in the final stages of the mega event. Alongside teams, FIFA has announced the shortlist of FIFA world cup 2022 Match Officials Lists. FIFA World Cup Match Officials Lists include:

  • Match Referee
  • Assistant match Referee
  • Var Assistant Referee
  • Fourth Offical

Assistants and VAR officials including in the lists will be candidates to officiate matches in this year’s tournament. All continents are represented in the shortlist with Europe/UEFA featuring the most numbers of referees.

FIFA World Cup Match Officials Lists

Before jumping directly on the list of all the candidates for 2022 World Cup match officials, we explain what it takes to officiate matches at the pinnacle of football. The working principle follows the pattern of:

  • FIFA Referee and Referee grades
  • Referees World Cup selection Process

1). FIFA Referee and Referees Grades

Referees at all competitions either local, national, or international are associated with FIFA. Referees that have achieved the highest qualification level only can officiate in international FIFA matches. All referees affiliated with FIFA have a designated grade and must advance in grade in order to referee higher-level matches.

Only Grade 1 referees can serve as the head referee on formal international matches and Grade 2 referees as the linesman. Take a complete on a FIFA officials guide and position.

1International referee Must be 25 years old. Can officiate all World Cup and international matches as the head referee.
2International AR specialist.Must be 25 years old. Assistant referees to Grade 1 referees on international matches.
3National refereeMust be 23 years old. Can officiate all games except formal FIFA international matches. Grade 3 indicates a referee’s readiness to be considered for international service.
4National referee Must be 23 years old. Can officiate all games through third division professional leagues; assistant referee for all games through second division professional.

2). Referees World Cup selection Process

Referees for FIFA World Cup are chosen under the FIFA regulation process. This Process lasted 3 years and the whole process is managed by FIFA Referee Assitance Program (RAP). By the end of the process, Referees are chosen in teams of 3.

  • One designated head referee and two assistant referees.

The selection process for FIFA World Cup 2022 begins with the club world cup in UAE when referees of the tournament were examined to see if they were ready to be candidates for 2022.

Based on referee performance, the FIFA Refereeing Department created a list of the 52 most elite referee teams. However, this list will be open until 2022. If a referee does not pass fitness tests or fails in another manner, he will no longer be considered.

List of FIFA World Cup 2022 Match Officials

The following is the list of referees that are selected for the 2022 World Cup by region.


Michael Oliver
Anthony Taylor
Benoît Bastien
Clément Turpin
Daniel Siebert
Orel Grinfeeld
Daniele Orsato
Danny Makkelie
Szymon Marciniak
Artur Soares Dias
Ovidiu Hațegan
Sergei Karasyov
Srdan Jovanovic
Slavko Vincic
Carlos del Cerro Grande
Jesus Gil Manzano
Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz
Cuneyt Cakır
AfricaRédouane Jiyed
Mustapha Ghorbal
Maguette Ndiaye
Omar Mohamed
Bamlak Tessema
OFCAbdelkader Zitouni
AsiaAdham Makhadmad
Ko Hyung-Jin
Ahmad Al-Kaf
Abdulrahman Al-Jassim
CONMEBOLFernando Rapallini
Gery Vargas
Raphael Claus
Roberto Tobar
Nicolas Gallo
Carlos Orbe
Mario Díaz de Vivar

FAQs Regarding World Cup 2022 Match Officials

How many Match officials will be in FIFA World Cup?

FIFA usually has 36 match referees for the entire tournament. They are accompanied by 63 assistant referees and another 36 VAR officials.

Who is the best FIFA referee in 2022?

Damir Skomina won the Referee of the year award in 2021.

When will FIFA announce the final list of 2022 World Cup referees?

FIFA will announce the final list of referees 1 month before the world cup starts.

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