How Much Does It Cost To Sponsor FIFA World Cup | Adidas Will Pay $100 Million To FIFA Per Event

FIFA World Cup 2022 schedule and match fixtures announced as the dates and venue announced. The mega event will be played between November 21 to December 18. Football world cup has become the greatest sports event worldwide as it has billions of fans around the globe. That’s why, this event is become the major source for sponsors to get recognized worldwide. How much it cost to sponsor the FIFA World Cup. Here we have complete details of the brands and organizations which are sponsoring the mega event and how much they are paying to the governing bodies.

FIFA Cup Sponsor Cost

How Much Does It Cost To Sponsor FIFA World Cup?

FIFA provides the chance to the brands and companies to become official sponsors of FIFA, World Cup, or regional matches. Data from authentic sources revealed that these sponsors pay around $1.60 Billion to FIFA for the world cup. The official sponsors of FIFA pay around $25 to $50 Million annually. While for sponsoring the mega event, FIFA grabbed $15 to $25 Million.

FIFA World Cup Sponsors

There are numerous brands and companies which sponsor the world cup and FIFA. However, some companies have signed long contracts with FIFA that earns guaranteed revenue to those federations and also to FIFA. Football world cup get views from 200 different countries thus it is the most effective way for companies and international marketing platforms to earn money.

Some of the top FIFA World Cup sponsors are Coca Cola, Adidas, Hyundai/ Kia, VISA, Qatar Airways, Gazprom, and Wanda. Moreover, there are many other companies which have signed sponsorship contracts with FIFA. Among them, the famous ones are Budweiser, McDonald’s, and Byju’s along with some other new sponsors. There are also Broadcast sponsorship deals.


  • Deal Until | 2030
  • Cost | $100 Million/Event

Adidas, the sportswear giant from Germany, is one of the oldest and biggest sponsor of FIFA and World Cup. It first sponsored the mega event in 1970 and since then, it has been with FIFA in this long run. The contract extension took place in 2013 where Adidas signed the deal until 2030. The company shares got a boom after world cup 2014. Based on estimated data, Adidas will pay $100 Million to FIFA per world cup event until 2030.


  • Deal Until | 2022
  • Cost | $85 Million/Event

VISA signed the sponsorship deal with FIFA for sponsoring the mega event in 2007 which started from 2010 world cup. Since then the credit card giant got a brilliant rise in the stocks and compete with the rival Master Card. VISA is paying $85 Million to FIFA per world cup event. There are chances that extension will take place in the contract between these two.

Coca Cola

  • Deal Until | 2022
  • Cost | $50 Million/Event

The beverage giant and FIFA first signed the deal in 1974. Thus, Coca Cola is also one of the greatest sponsor of FIFA World Cup of all times. Although, there is a great loss in the market share Coca Cola has faced in the last few years due to changed drink habits of people. Still, the beverage company will pay $50 Million to FIFA for sponsoring world cup 2022.


  • Deal Until | 2022
  • Cost | $40 Million/Event

The Indian educational platform is the new sponsor of Football world cup and is the only company from India. Byju’s has signed the deal with FIFA and will pay $30 to $40 Million for sponsoring the event. Thus, there will be a sure rise in the market value and share price of the company.

Broadcasting Sponsorships

  • Deal Until | 2022
  • Cost | $1 Billion/Event

Football world cup is the most watched tournament around the world. 2018 event got 3.9 Billion views in total. Thus, many broadcasters have offered to sign the broadcasting deal with FIFA for telecasting the event. Fox & Telemundo are the official broadcasters of the FIFA world cup for 2022 edition. Fox will pay $400 Million while Telemundo will pay $600 Million to the football governing body.


SponsorsCost/EventContract Termination
Adidas$100 Million2030
VISA$85 Million2022
Coca Cola$50 Million2022
Byju’s$40 Million2022
Broadcasting Sponsorships$1 Billion2022

That’s all about the details of cost to sponsor the FIFA world cup event. Further details will be available if FIFA will sign a new detail, we will update the changes here. FIFA World Cup 2022 schedule and match fixtures announced. Stay tuned for more information.

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