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How To Watch FIFA World Cup Live Stream Online via official Sources

FIFA has promised absolute extensive coverage rights across the globe. 180+ territories (countries) have bough the World Cup 2022 rights. Every network who bought the coverage rights in their regions are obliged by FIFA to produce online live streaming as well alongside tradition TV coverage. We will be guiding you through how you can watch World Cup live online via official sources from your part of the world.

We produced guides on how you can watch FIFA World Cup online via official streaming platforms of networks like BBC, ITV (UK), ZDF & ARD (Germany, SBS (Australia), Tf1 (France, RaiPlay (Russia), JioCinema (India) and many more. All are 100% working guides as we tested and proved it with screenshots in the guides.

Below are our in-depth guides on how you can watch FIFA World Cup Live Streams in different parts of the world. We have covered all big countries and the channels which will be showing 2022 FIFA World Cup for free. We tested each country online platform (like BBC, ITV UK) and unlocked it from another country. All the guides below are 100% working.

FIFA World Cup 2022 TV Channels With Free Coverage

FIFA has extensive TV coverage plans worldwide for 2022 World Cup. Some of the countries have free official live streams for World Cup thanks to free-to-air channels and online platforms. Click on the guide you want and it will take you to the step by step guide on that channel/stream page.

BBC iPlayer (UK)

BBC is absolutely free for UK residents both on traditional TV and their iPlayer streams online and via mobile application. We guide you through how you can watch FIFA World Cup matches absolutely free thanks to BBC iplayer In the UK.

ITV Hub (UK)

Just like BBC, ITV is free to air network in the UK. They will share world cup 2022 coverage in the UK. 32 matches will be shown live via ITV sports channels and through their streaming platform called ITV Hub from anywhere in the world.

ZDF & ARD (Germany)

German free to air channels ZDF and ARD will share the live coverage of World Cup with 48 matches to be shared between these two channels. Their live streams are free inside Germany. You can use VPN to unlock streams from outside German.

SRG SSR (Switzerland)

SRG SSR world cup coverage will be free-to-air in Switzerland via both TV and their online streaming portals. People from outside Switzerland can unlock these streams with use of VPN. German, French and Italian coverage are available with SGR SSR.

SBS On-Demand (Australia)

SBS is Australian network with all 64 matches broadcasting rights. Their On-Demand streaming platform will stream all 64 matches and we guide you through how you can unlock SBS on-demand streams from outside Australia.

TF1 (France)

Free-to-air French channel which has rights for 24 World Cup matches including all French national team games, semifinals and final. Their online platform at will also stream these matches and we guide you through how you can unlock tf1 from outside France.

RaiPlay.IT (Italy)

Italian state owned channel and online streaming platform called RaiPlay.IT will broadcasted every World Cup match in Italy. People from outside Italy can also unlock RaiPlay with the use of VPN.

MatchTV (Russia)

Cost only $4 a month subscription and anybody from outside Russia can also unlock MatchTV streams with the help of VPN. We have produced in depth guide on how you can unlock from anywhere in the world.

TSN (Canada)

TSN will have live streams of FIFA World Cup matches on their online platform called TSN connect. They will also broadcast matches in Canada via traditional TV Coverage. It cost around $20 a month to subscribe to TSN.

JioCinema (India)

Viacom18 are official rights holder in India and they will be producing FIFA World Cup live streams on their online platform called JioCinema and it will be absolutely free for people who have Jio simcards in India.

beIN Sports (Middle-East & Africa)

The Qatari Channel will have the best world cup coverage both in Arabic and in English. They have 2 dedicated 24/7 world cup channels. We have produced 100% working guide on how you can access beIN Sports from outside middle-east.

Top 5 Best Streaming Websites/apps for Watching FIFA World Cup

World Cup will be on traditional tv channels across the world however, world has moved passed that and people now usually use their phones/ipads/PCs to stream big events. We list best 5 apps to stream world cup 2022.

watch FIFA World Cup on Kodi

Stream World Cup On KODI

KODI is one of the most popular platforms available both on android and other IOS smartTVs. Its free, its open source and have many streamers producing live streams for big events on kodi Platform. One of the best way to enjoy world cup for free.

FIFA World Without Cable

Watch World Cup Without Cable in USA

If you are in the USA and want to watch world cup on any of your devices other then TV. We got you covered from every angle. This guide will hook you up with best possible ways to enjoy the tournament on phone, laptop and even consoles.

FIFA World Cup PlayStation

Watch World Cup Streams On Consoles

We have put together in-depth guide on how you can use your console either PS5 or Xbox to watch FIFA World Cup live stream via official sources from anywhere in the world.

FIFA World Fire Stick

Using Amazon Fire Stick To Watch World Cup.

If you have official cable subscription in the USA. You can connect it to Amazon Fire Stick device and stream world cup on any device including PC, Laptop, Phones even consoles.

FIFA World Cup On IPTV

Stream World Cup On IPTV

IPTVs are popular way of watching sports events live online. Most of the time they are not legal but available on legal platforms like Kodi etc. So you might want to check out in-depth guide on IPTVs.

Now that we have explained how and where you can watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup. We take a look at some other details heading into the event. Starting with the Match schedule.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Match Schedule

Group Matches: Tournament begins with the opening game between Qatar vs Ecuador on Friday, 20 November 2022 which will be the only game on the night. Before the first match there will be a lavish opening ceremony. From 21 November there will be four matches every day till the end of group stage which will finish on Friday, 2nd December 2022.

Knockouts: From Saturday, 3 December 2022 we will have round of 16 ties. Two matches every day from 3rd to 6th December. Qaurterfinals will take place on 9th and 10th December. Followed by Semifinals on 13th and 14th December.

World Cup Final: The big final will take place on Sunday, 18th December 2022.

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Group Stage StartsFriday, 20 November 2022
Group Stage EndsFriday, 02 December 2022
Round of 16 Ties3 to 6 December 2022 (2 matches every day)
Quarterfinals9-10 December 2022 (2 matches each day)
Semifinal13-14 December 2022
World Cup FinalSunday, 18th December 2022.

FIFA World Cup Kickoff-Times:

There are four kickoff time slots in FIFA World Cup. The morning kickoff, afternoon, evening and last one being night time kickoff. Kickoff-times are fixed to give broadcasters are the world to organize their shows and programs accordingly.

First Match13:00 Local Qatar Time / 11:00 UK Time / 05:00 EST
Second Match16:00 Local Qatar Time / 14:00 UK Time / 08:00 EST
Third Match19:00 Local Qatar Time / 17:00 UK Time / 11:00 EST
Fourth Match22:00 Local Qatar Time / 20:00 UK Time / 14:00 EST

FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony:

Qatar has arranged an absolute lavish 30 minutes opening ceremony before the first match between Qatar and Ecuador on Friday, 20th November 2022. Over 300 local Qatar performers will lite up the pre-match show which will be watched around the world on every TV channels which has the rights. FIFA are also broadcasting the opening ceremony via their official youtube channel worldwide.

Who is performing at the Opening Ceremony ?

Nora Fatehi: Moroccon origin and Canadian born Nora Fatehi is set perform alongside few other middle-east singers.

BTS Boy Band: It was rumoured BTS band from South Korea are also set to perform at the World Cup ceremony however it has not be confirmed and looks unlikely.

Dua Lipa: Duo Lipa is also in consideration and just like in the previous world cup where atleast one marque international singer performed at the opening ceremony we can Dua Lipa to do the same in this year’s tournament.

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FIFA World Cup Official Team Squads:

There are 32 teams in 2022 tournament and FIFA has extended the deadline date to submit final squad lists. Since the tournament is taking place in the middle of European football season, FIFA had to adapt and they confirmed that unlike previous World Cup, teams can name 26-man squad and squad can be finalized and submitted to FIFA 1 week before the world cup that is 13th November 2022.

Each federation must announce 26-man squad by 13th November where atleast 3 players to be named as goalkeepers who can start in outfield. We have listed all the World Cup squads below.

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CArgentinaSaudi ArabiaMexicoPoland
EGermanySpainJapanCosta Rica
GPortugalUruguaySouth KoreaGhana

FIFA World Cup History:

World Cup was introduced and started back in 1930 thanks to then FIFA president Jules Rimmet‘s continuous push to organize a world tournament. Uruguay became the very first World champions. Since then 21 World Cup’s has taken place and Brazil is the most successful team having won 5 World Cups

Over the decades, World Cup has gone through so many changes. After the World War II, proper qualifying rounds were introduced and teams from all 7 continents started participating. World Cup 2022 will be the biggest in terms of number of teams set to participate in the tournament.

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Past Winners: Brazil, Germany, Italy, Argentina, France and Uruguay are the only teams to have won the tournament on more then one occasion. Brazil leads the chart with 5 world cup wins followed by Germany and Italy (4 each). France, Argentina and Uruguay has won the tournament on two occasions.

Players With Most World Cup titles: Pele is the only player to have won the world cup on three difficult occasions. This is a record which might never be broken again. Well unless, FIFA has their way and make World cup every two year tournament rather then every four years.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Prize Money:

FIFA has announced record prize money for the 2022 World Cup with 29% hike compared to the last edition in Russia. A total of $440 million will be distributed among 32 participating nations where some of the money is guaranteed while most of it will be according to how teams finish in the tournament.

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Guaranteed Payment$2.5 million for each of the 32 teams
Group Stage (Eliminated Teams)$8 million for each of the 16 teams eliminated
Round of 16 (8 eliminated teams$12 million each for 8 losing sides in 1st knockout round
Quarterfinals (4 eliminated teams)$16 million each for 4 losing sides
Fourth Place$22 million
Third Place$26 million
Runners-up$32 million
World Cup Winners$45 million